#NoDaysOffNovember Week 1: A Challenge Is Just That, A Challenge!

As promised, I am here for my week 1 recap of my personal #NoDaysOffNovember challenge. These past 7 days of challenging myself to workout everyday has been exactly that, a challenge! It felt as though everything was holding me back from going to the gym these past few days. Whether it was getting off of work too late, being exhausted, etc. and I know this sounds like excuse after excuse, but it's not it's reality. 


It takes me a little over 2 hours to get to the gym when I get off of work, so sometimes I don't get there until after 8 and I don't drive so I have to calculate my time getting home and everything into it. I did, in fact workout on Saturday and Sunday though, and I gave it my all. I have also been eating according to my goals, which resulted in me losing 5lbs in a week even though I didn't workout how I wanted.


I say all of this to say that a challenge is a challenge and I applied this pressure to my journey for a reason. If I got upset because I didn't go some days that made me happy because it confirmed that I was testing my abilities. Going everyday may be a little unrealistic for me because of my schedule, but that doesn't mean that I can't wake up everyday with a goal of overcoming that challenge. 


What I am proud of is all the times I turned down food that wasn't aligned with my goals. The cupcakes at the baby shower at work, the milkshake/ burger restaurant invite I got from my mom, the loads of junk food in my house that I didn't lay a hand on. These are all challenges I overcame them, so I can't beat myself up for missing a few workouts. Week 2, here we go! 


How's your November going? 

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#NoDaysOffNovember: Letting the End of the Year Set the Tone for 2018

Happy November! I don't post to my fitness portion of my website as I should, but I am working on it. There are a lot of FAQ I get via DM that I'd love to answer in a blog format. So, definitely be on the lookout for that, but in other news we have 2 months left of 2017. Can you believe it?! 


It's been a great year for health and fitness for me, particularly the end half of the year because I've lost 20lbs since graduation and I finally have found a healthy balance since I am not in college anymore. Last November I challenged myself to #NoDaysOffNovember which was basically pushing myself to work out every single day, even if it's not the gym just do SOMETHING! Well, I failed. Returning home from school for the holidays, the end of the semester and more got in the way. But, when I fail, I learn. Therefore, I am attempting #NoDaysOffNovember again. I have a jam-packed month with events, but I will not let that deter me.

Being that we are in the final 60 days of the year, whatever we do will determine the drive that we go into 2018 with. Don't wait until January 1st to hit the gas running, lightly press that gas starting now so your fire will be hot and burning by the new year. 

If anyone wants to join me on my #NoDaysOffNovember challenge then let's go! And, yes I am including Thanksgiving, I'll probably go for a light jog that morning. Every week I'll give you guys updates on how it's going. Talk to you then! 


Asia Milia


Making My Health Part of My Slay

Yesterday I posted a photo to my fitness Instagram that showed what I looked like in August 2014 after successfully losing 50lbs. Then, I showed what I looked like in the same dress 2 weeks ago the day before my graduation, 30lbs heavier. The picture was hard to post, but necessary. Necessary for myself, and anyone else who may have needed that inspiration. To be honest, falling off was never my goal, but life happens. I plan to revamp my entire nutrition and workout plan in June when I come back from vacation, so posting that was my "I've had enough, it's time to reach my goal" type of thing.

I want you to start to feel like your health is part of your slay
— Lakeitha Duncan

One comment on the post inspired me to write this post. It's no surprise that the comment came from the person who inspired me to start my journey, Lakeitha Duncan. She commented, "I want you to start to feel like your health is part of your slay." I read that comment over, and over, and over again. It spoke to me. Most of my followers know, in addition to having my fitness brand I also have a fashion brand. Fashion is my life, and this comment reminded me of why I started my fitness journey. I was 18 years old, with a dream. I wanted to be a fashion blogger and I had all these outfit ideas, but not the body I wanted. So, I made it a priority to get my health in order so I could slay how I wanted. Somewhere along the ride, my health fell off. So, now I'm taking it back. I'm making health part of my slay. I make shoes, bags, and all of my outfits a priority because that is what contributes to my slay, but now my health is an additional accessory.

This saying to me means that if I'm not healthy I can't slay, and slaying is my life, because it is my brand. From now on, when I'm checking off my checklist of an outfit or any look I plan to serve, I'm adding health to the list and I will no longer allow myself to fiercely wear an outfit without my health being just as important to me as my clothes and accessories are. 

The happy hour drinks, 1/2 off appetizers and bottomless mimosa brunch specials are cool. But, I can no longer show up to these events and not stay true to the healthy lifestyle I encourage others to live. So, to my 150lb body goal, I'm coming for you. To my health, you're now part of my slay and I won't slay without you. And, to all my ladies I challenge you to do this with me. 


Asia Milia 

When Things Get Hard, Push Through

January 20, 2017 made 3 years since the day I decided to live a healthy lifestyle and set out a weight loss goal. That day in 2013, I woke up determined to change my life for many reasons, and within 9 months my 50 pounds I set out to lose was gone, but I still had a few pounds to lose until I reached my ultimate goal.

The past few months have been a fail in my journey, this is the most time I've been away from the gym while eating and drinking whatever I want. I truly fell off. It seemed like every time I was getting back into being motivated I just couldn't. In the past 2 months I've probably cried more than I've cried in my entire lifetime because I was dealing with a situation that I sort of let over power everything else in my life. I read a quote about a Capricorn that said, "When a Capricorn is hurt everything that used to be important to them won't be anymore and they'll just kind of shut down in every aspect." When I say this is me, THIS IS ME. I shut down and threw everything to the side, which was selfish because I know that my job is to inspire and motivate people. It's amazing how much I started looking at things different and how much I learned about myself from the situation. 

When I say this smile on my face in these pictures was not here for a while, BELIEVE ME. Everyone deals with things differently, but what I can say is that whatever may be causing you stress in your life whether it be a relationship, a friendship, family, school, or anything, remember the positive things in your life. It can be easy to shut down, but what does shutting down do for you and your goals? Nothing. I did it, but I don't want anyone else to do that, especially when you have to build yourself back up. 

However, with only a few months left until graduation, and so many things I have planned for 2017 it is time to gain my motivation back in my journey. 2017 is the year my journey has to end and be about maintaining and following other plans I have in the health/fitness world. It's been a roller coaster ride for 4 years, and I know what I have to do. It's what I'm going to do. 

My main goal is to get to my goal weight and eat what I know I need to eat while working out hard. Interestingly enough, after my Las Vegas trip which consisted of drinking alcohol every single day and partying hard to celebrate my 21st birthday, I lost 6 pounds. I questioned it, but then I accepted it and took that as I sign to get back into the swing of things. I will now be more consistent when posting about fitness on here, I'll share what's working for me and some personal challenges that I'll be doing that I'd love for others to join in hopes of reaching their goals. So, here's to 2017 and finally reaching that fitness goal I set out 4 years ago as a freshman in college. 

How to Avoid Gaining Weight During Holiday Season


The holiday season is finally here. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are all around the corner. My birthday is also included in the upcoming holidays, but I'll save that for another post. It's no secret that we love eat around time. We pile our Thanksgiving dinner plates up and dessert, most of the time without thinking about a carb or a calorie. We stuff our faces at holiday parties with sweets and treats, drinks like Egg Nog and sweets like Sweet Potato Pie. And, we load our bodies with alcohol as we ring in the new year. And, that's fine, the holiday season is a time to enjoy yourself and your family, however if you strive to live a healthy lifestyle daily there are certain steps that can be taken to ensure you don't gain too much weight during the holiday season.

1. Fit the gym into your schedule

Waking up on the morning of a holiday is not impossible; going to the gym before you stuff your face is a great way to prepare your body. Also, if you wake up the next morning to sweat out the liquor and jog off some of the food your body will thank you. Just eating, drinking, and not moving is not helping to avoid weight gain at all. The holiday season can get hectic with shopping for family and friends, attending parties, and more, but don't forget to still add the gym into your schedule, because you still want to look good in your holiday outfits!

2. Drink a lot of water

Water is the key to life. Drinking water is so beneficial from the way it removes toxins from the body to the way it reduces bloating. Those that practice a healthy lifestyle know that a gallon of water is the recommended serving, and during this holiday season to avoid gaining weight drinking a gallon of water can help tremendously. Holiday party alcoholic drinks can add up; enjoy the open bar, but for every drink you have challenge yourself to drink two water bottles. Personally, I like detox water. I put lemon, cucumber, and mint leaves in my water and let it do the work itself. 

3. Pace yourself

Take your time. It's not a race to finish your food, your plate isn't going anywhere. A study done titled, "The Behavioral Science of Eating," conducted by the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research found that eating on smaller plates can curb overeating and reduce how much you serve yourself. I understand Thanksgiving is a holiday to pig out, that's cool, but when you're at a holiday party with tons of food you don't need everything! Eat slow, and eat smart. Remember, mind over matter. You're only as hungry as you tell yourself you are. 

4. Set Limits

Establish in your head before hand your plan. If you know you're invited to 4-5 holiday parties on top of spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's with your family then set limits in your head. Understand that if you're drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks at a New Year's Eve Party, then maybe you don't need to indulge in alcoholic drinks and sweets the week before on Christmas. Setting limitations may be hard, but it takes a lot of willpower and it's worth it. 

5. Don't Arrive Starving

The holidays are a time to be thankful for family, friends, co-workers, and anyone in your life. Most parties and gatherings are about enjoying each other's company, so try to focus on that more than stuffing your face every time you go to a holiday gathering. If you arrive hungry you're going to eat every cookie, cake, and drink in your sight. Eat something light before you go so you don't stuff yourself. However, on Thanksgiving, that's different — eat and enjoy!

Don't forget your goals this holiday season and let go of your hard work when the season passes. As soon as the holiday's are over it's crunch time, because Summer '17 preparation starts now!

Happy Holidays!!


when fashion leads you to your love of fitness

A lot of people don't know that I live two completely different lives. I live my fashion-forward life, inspiring women through style, being a go-getter, and expressing my love of style. The other half of Asia Milia is obsessed with health, fitness, and inspiring women to reach their body goals and not admire to be like anyone else physically.

I like to think I was born with a love for fashion. I was put on this Earth for that and I've always been a fashionista. However, my love for health and fitness wasn't something that came overnight. Fashion actually led me to my love of fitness. After my 18th birthday when I really started to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I knew that my style couldn't be the style I wanted it to if I didn't achieve the body that I wanted. I worked tirelessly in the gym for 9 months and lost 50 pounds. 

What motivated me to reach my goal was my love for fashion. I told myself I wanted to start a fashion blog, but I couldn't until I reached my goal "size." In the past 2 and a half years after losing, I've gained some back, but I'm still on a constant journey. 

Here, I will share my journey, my workouts, my secrets, and what ultimately keeps me motivated to reach my own body goals.