30 Day Salad "Only" Challenge: What Does It Entail? Why Am I Even Doing It?

Happy May!

It's been a while, I know! While I've been blessed with amazing opportunities in 2018, I've been overwhelmed and haven't been able to post as much on my blog. But, it's a new month and I've set some new major goals for brand that I plan to follow through with into the Summer. 

Today I'm sharing a challenge that was a bit spontaneous. Yesterday, I posted a video to my Instagram stories of a salad and said, "30 days. Salads only." I told myself I wanted to do this in preparation for my vacation at the end of the month and I decided to share it with my followers. 

Today's salad from Chop't: Spinach, Cucumber, Corn, Shrimp, Quinoa,  light  Caesar dressing

Today's salad from Chop't: Spinach, Cucumber, Corn, Shrimp, Quinoa, light Caesar dressing

Within minutes my DM's were flooded with questions – "For breakfast too?" "What do you put in it?" "Salad for lunch, or period?" Instantly, I paused. I didn't think many people would be interested. Boy was I wrong! Later in the day I received more messages from friends and followers telling me they were joining me. 

Well, here we are! I'll give you all a better understanding and answer your questions. For one, no I am not eating salad for all three meals. I will continue eating my regular breakfast, which is usually oatmeal, egg whites, a protein shake, or fruit smoothie. I will also stick to my snacks, Greek yogurt and fruit. 

The 30 day rule for salads applies to lunch and dinner. A lot of times we often get so caught up in trying healthy meals we see on Instagram, or trying a new way of eating and we neglect the basics (I know I do). I'm simply being as basic as possible to prepare for both my vacation and summer, eating salads was the best way I knew how. I'm cutting the brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc. All these things have helped me maintain, but I'm trying to push my body a lot further. 

For those that said they wanted to join me, let me fill you in on how you can go wrong with a salad. 


I don't add croutons, cheese, or any other excessive fatty toppings. The whole point of eating the salad is to challenge myself and drenching a salad in dressing and unnecessary toppings defeats the purpose. 


Here is a good guide to making a salad, minus some, it just gives you a good idea of how to craft your salad. A few things I would automatically rule out like the steak, cheese, and fatty toppings.

I'm still a pescatarian,so shrimp and salmon will be my go-to's instead of meat. But, you can definitely add meats like grilled chicken! Try to switch up the base every now and then so you don't get bored. 30 days – you in? 

The past two days I've brought a salad from Chop't, but I plan on making some at home and bringing them in. I'll be sure to share the different mixtures I try my hand at. 

Don't forget to drink a gallon of water as well! Issa challenge!