My Consistency Fell, But My Drive Never Wavered

Happy Monday and Happy October! I always love when the first of the month falls on a Monday because it’s like a sign to hit reset if necessary, to start something that’s been boiling inside of you, or in my case to find my way back to making my health my priority. I’m not one to wait for the new year just because I’ve slacked off a bit.


This summer was extremely fun for me. I traveled a lot, I worked hard, but played even harder. In the midst of “playing” my time for the gym was almost non-existent and eating according to my goals just wasn't a priority for me. I’ve become content with knowing that that is ok. Sometimes consistency falls and when it does we can’t expect to still see results because we’re going against our goals. But, although my consistency fell, my drive and desire for my goals never wavered. I still had the same fire burning in me to achieve my body goals and to help other woman along the way. My lifestyle showed otherwise, and I know that. Consistency is no easy task, but it is key to seeing results in fitness, business, relationships, and just life.

It’s now time for me to merge consistency and my drive to be an unstoppable force. I’m shifting my priorities and reevaluating a lot.


Here’s to setting my goal of losing 30lbs (10lbs a month) by the beginning of the new year. I have a lot of life changing shifts coming this month and working out will help me keep a positive mindset through it all. I’m so thankful for creating a lifestyle out of fitness and health so that if I fall off for a bit I never have to worry about just quitting on my goals. That’s not an option, but lifting my head up and acknowledging my truth of being inconsistent and not prioritizing my health goals is.


My hope is that I can inspire one of you that still has that fire burning in you to just hop back in it. The longer you think about it, the longer you’ll question it. But if it’s what you really want there should be no questions. Now let’s get it!

Photos by Nigil Crawford