Making My Health Part of My Slay

Yesterday I posted a photo to my fitness Instagram that showed what I looked like in August 2014 after successfully losing 50lbs. Then, I showed what I looked like in the same dress 2 weeks ago the day before my graduation, 30lbs heavier. The picture was hard to post, but necessary. Necessary for myself, and anyone else who may have needed that inspiration. To be honest, falling off was never my goal, but life happens. I plan to revamp my entire nutrition and workout plan in June when I come back from vacation, so posting that was my "I've had enough, it's time to reach my goal" type of thing.

I want you to start to feel like your health is part of your slay
— Lakeitha Duncan

One comment on the post inspired me to write this post. It's no surprise that the comment came from the person who inspired me to start my journey, Lakeitha Duncan. She commented, "I want you to start to feel like your health is part of your slay." I read that comment over, and over, and over again. It spoke to me. Most of my followers know, in addition to having my fitness brand I also have a fashion brand. Fashion is my life, and this comment reminded me of why I started my fitness journey. I was 18 years old, with a dream. I wanted to be a fashion blogger and I had all these outfit ideas, but not the body I wanted. So, I made it a priority to get my health in order so I could slay how I wanted. Somewhere along the ride, my health fell off. So, now I'm taking it back. I'm making health part of my slay. I make shoes, bags, and all of my outfits a priority because that is what contributes to my slay, but now my health is an additional accessory.

This saying to me means that if I'm not healthy I can't slay, and slaying is my life, because it is my brand. From now on, when I'm checking off my checklist of an outfit or any look I plan to serve, I'm adding health to the list and I will no longer allow myself to fiercely wear an outfit without my health being just as important to me as my clothes and accessories are. 

The happy hour drinks, 1/2 off appetizers and bottomless mimosa brunch specials are cool. But, I can no longer show up to these events and not stay true to the healthy lifestyle I encourage others to live. So, to my 150lb body goal, I'm coming for you. To my health, you're now part of my slay and I won't slay without you. And, to all my ladies I challenge you to do this with me. 


Asia Milia