#NoDaysOffNovember Week 1: A Challenge Is Just That, A Challenge!

As promised, I am here for my week 1 recap of my personal #NoDaysOffNovember challenge. These past 7 days of challenging myself to workout everyday has been exactly that, a challenge! It felt as though everything was holding me back from going to the gym these past few days. Whether it was getting off of work too late, being exhausted, etc. and I know this sounds like excuse after excuse, but it's not it's reality. 


It takes me a little over 2 hours to get to the gym when I get off of work, so sometimes I don't get there until after 8 and I don't drive so I have to calculate my time getting home and everything into it. I did, in fact workout on Saturday and Sunday though, and I gave it my all. I have also been eating according to my goals, which resulted in me losing 5lbs in a week even though I didn't workout how I wanted.


I say all of this to say that a challenge is a challenge and I applied this pressure to my journey for a reason. If I got upset because I didn't go some days that made me happy because it confirmed that I was testing my abilities. Going everyday may be a little unrealistic for me because of my schedule, but that doesn't mean that I can't wake up everyday with a goal of overcoming that challenge. 


What I am proud of is all the times I turned down food that wasn't aligned with my goals. The cupcakes at the baby shower at work, the milkshake/ burger restaurant invite I got from my mom, the loads of junk food in my house that I didn't lay a hand on. These are all challenges I overcame them, so I can't beat myself up for missing a few workouts. Week 2, here we go! 


How's your November going? 

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