Cancùn, Mexico - What To Do, Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More!

Hey, hey! I've seen the DM's, the snapchat messages, and the comments so I am finally giving you guys some insight on my travel life! Here I will give details of my trips that I take and I'll also drop some vacay necessities from time to time because vacationing is one of my favorite things to do.



Last week I got back from Cancun with my best friend—it was out 3rd time there and our favorite, for lots of reasons. But, let's just into it! So, a lot of you asked where I book trips. If I don't go through a travel agent, which most of the time I do not, I go to Expedia, Orbitz, or like I did for this trip CheapCaribbean. These websites allow you to book package deals including flight and hotel with an all inclusive deal at the resort of your choice. All inclusive is honestly your best bet. I've experienced both and you end up spending the same amount of money. 


The only thing I would say is that sometimes the all inclusive meals on the resort aren't the most appetizing, but the unlimited alcohol certainly calls for no complaints. After all, isn't that what vacay is all about? 


Anyways— into these details. I stayed at the Riu Cancun, which was all inclusive and $800 for each of us including airfare from JFK A DEAL! It was a quick weekend away, the fastest we've ever taken actually, but the best one because every second was LIT! There was no, "Oh, let's just chill and go there tomorrow." No! It was we're living our best lives every second that we're here because we need to make everyday count. 


The resort was absolutely beautiful, especially our Oceanview room. We had a bar at the pool, in the lobby, and bottles in our room (no extra charge). There were a few food options including a Japanese restaurant, Italian, a Steakhouse, a buffet and a few others. I'll be honest our best meal was when we went off the resort to Ruth Chris. Previously when we went there with no all inclusive we ate at restaurants like Outback Steakhouse, Hooters, and chains of that nature. 

 View from our room 

View from our room 

So, you've got the eats, but of course you go to Cancun to party! The Riu Cancun was in walking distance from the Party Zone. You have Cocobongo, La Vaquita, Mandala, the list goes on. Most of these places have a set price range for entry and open bar—from about $35-$65. You can always walk the strip and see who plays music that best fits your vibe, we went to Cocobongo years ago, but La Vaquita was our spot this time. 


If you're not a club person, there's a little alley off the strip (that we discovered this time around) and they have a little hookah lounge, and a few restaurants. 

So, that's nightlife— what about during the day?! There's lots of shopping in Cancùn, but you can do that at home. I'm big on always trying something new when on vacation. Our first time there we went to Xplor, a day trip to a park that has zip lining, under water rafting, and ATVs. With lunch and transportation, it's really a fun-filled day. Be adventurous! Xplor was a little over $100 Our second time, we went to see one of the Seven Wonder of the World; Chichen Itza, it was scorching hot at the end of May but it was such a great experience. We also went parasailing on that trip, which was cool besides the fact that on the jet ski on our way to the boat we fell off. So, this trip when Shay went jet skiing I punked out, ON MY BIRTHDAY! I regret it. Moral of the story live your best life and try new things while you're on vacay. 


Some extra things to know when planning a trip to Cancùn or out the country in general— bring cash for cabs and tips because that does add up. Go see one of the travel advisors in the lobby when you first arrive to plan excursions, and lastly, LIVE IT UP! 

If you have any extra questions comment below and I will answer the best I can. Also, note I am not a travel agent, nor travel blogger I'm just someone who loves to travel and I want you guys to know that you can travel outside of the country for a good price and not have to keep going to Miami or wherever else (no shade), but get your passport and live your best life! 


Outfit details on next Slaycation post! 

Slaycation — Cancún 2018: My 22nd Birthday Trip

It's not possible to go on vacation without a few bomb bathing suits and resort looks, right?! Correct. I think I get asked where I get my bathing suits from more than anything else. I'll be sure to write up some good pieces for you ladies when the bathing suit collections really drop for Summer '18. But, until then let's get into the looks I wore on this trip. 

On My Birthday

ASOS is my go-to site for bikini tops, and bathing suits in general because clearly I'm extremely busty. They have a 'Fuller Bust' bathing suit line which is where I find most of my hits. On the Friday of my birthday, I wore this embellished ASOS top, paired with NY & Company x Gabrielle Union wide leg pants, because I am absolutely obsessed with white pants. They're on sale for $13, so snag them up quickly! 



Beach Look

Here I wore another bathing suit from ASOS Fuller Bust collection, a sexy red cutout one. It looked horrible on the model, but I knew my curves would bring it to life. Sometimes we have to take chances with clothes and know how our bodies, swag, etc. can make clothing rather than judging it on the model. I paired it with the BooHoo floral kimono which will also be worn as a dress majority of this summer, so you've been warned! It's so colorful and pretty—absolutely in love!



The Denim Ensemble

Unfortunately, I don't have deets on where to get this look from because Claire gave this to me while cleaning her closet. Yes, Claire Sulmers— I have the best boss I know! But, what I will say is that 2 piece looks are perfect for vacation and great for a stroll on the resort or night life. I'll do a guide to 2-piece set ensembles soon! 

 Claire wore it when interviewing Kevin Hart! 

Claire wore it when interviewing Kevin Hart! 

Sheer Galore

This look was one of my favorites (and everyone else's)! I personally would never wear sheer and polka dot together. However, this look was different! It was waist-snatching, comfortable and everything in between. When the weather got a little chilly at night, I opted for a one shoulder top instead of the sheer top and it still looked cute. Rue 107 is responsible for this super adorable set! They have the best vacation clothes so definitely check them out for your next getaway, for all sizes! 


I wish I could've got more looks in, but honestly I was living my best life not for Instagram or anything, but in real life because I genuinely needed this getaway. I've become a workaholic and it's unhealthy (more on that this week). But, I hope you guys enjoyed these looks and shop some of them for your next trip! 


Asia Miilia

Your favorite girl boss

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