Baddies & Bosses Take Tulum: We Came, We Slayed, We Conquered

I've been on the run in real life and I'm finally having a moment to process it all. Last weekend I spent 3 days in Tulum with 30+ baddies and bosses at the Luxury Bahia Principe for the 1st "Baddies & Bosses" Retreat produced by The B is for Boss and Baddie Brunch Series


My best friend Shariah flew in for 48 hours and we partied it up at the Jay Z and Beyoncé concert on Thursday night in Jersey. I headed to the airport to catch the first flight out of the city. Unfortunately I encountered many flight delays and missed half the day in Mexico. For a second I was very upset because I looked forward to engaging with the ladies over brunch and moderating a successful and inspiring panel. It would've been my introduction to them as the influencer of the trip and I planned on kicking the weekend off with a bang. 

I quickly got myself together and I was reminded that there are some things that I can't control. What was more frustrating than anything was the cause of delays. There was no extreme rainstorm or nasty weather holding us back; the first flight had computer issues and my connecting one was "too hot." After a while I had to laugh. God was clearly forcing me to slow down. I worked extra hard before Shariah came, when she came we were running all over, and I went straight from the concert to the airport. I was so tired that I didn't know if I was going to be able to be myself when I landed in Mexico. 

It was nothing a pep talk and a coffee couldn't fix! I got it together quick and refocused my energy. I realized I would be missing half of Friday, but I wasn't going home and I had to make the best of my time which is what I did. 

Although I missed the brunch I got to enjoy the pics of the ladies. Everyone wore pink, orange, white, green, or red. Each color had a meaning for the brunch. They sipped drinks and dined while chatting about building brands, side hustles, resources, and more—a conversation I would've loved to be apart of. 


Not only did I miss the brunch and panel, but on Thursday night while I was partying it up with Bey & Jay the ladies had a welcoming session including a pajama party and broke off into small sessions of gemdropping. 

Finally I arrived shortly after the brunch on Friday when the ladies were given free time. I scouted the resort with Jahylin and a friend Simone who I was introduced to on the trip. If you follow me on IG then you know Jahylin, not only was she a bomb staff member of the team but she's also grown into a best friend of mine. It was no better treat than having her by my side on this trip. I wore this custom ensemble by @sarleamah, can we get into how BOMB it is?! 


During the free time the ladies went on excursions, swam in cenotes (sinkholes), and more. The Mayan Ruins was a major one, I went a few years ago. It's one of the seven Wonders of the World and an amazing sight to see. It was my 4th time in Mexico so I just taking in everything on the resort was fine with me. We hung at the beach and watched the sunset. Later we had drinks and dinner before resting up for Saturday with the ladies. One of my favorite perks of the resort was that it had top shelf liquor   which is something you usually don't find at an all inclusive result. I'm talking shots of Henny and Henny Coladas, if you're anything like me then this is your type of resort to stay at!


Saturday was the 3rd official day of the retreat so it was time to turn up! We started our morning at breakfast and then we headed to a resort on the campus for a photoshoot. The ladies showed how BOMB black women look in yellow, I mean have you seen a better combination?! 


After putting on our model faces we participated in a scavenger hunt all around the partner resorts we celebrated with a day party at the infinity pool. Think unlimited drinks, huge floating swans, and a bunch of bosses—yup, it went something like that. I took a break from the turning up to have lunch on the beach. The food was so bomb!


The farewell dinner was held at another connected resort at the Principe Bahia, we ate gourmet Brazilian meats and scrumptious sides. It was so empowering to chat over dinner about goals, our journey's, and more. I wore a white one-shoulder dress with a ruffled shoulder from ASOS. It was the perfect dress to slip on for dinner and I live for a good thigh slit. 


The retreat was sponsored by E Honey Skincare, Sassboxx, Mielle Organics, Curls, Crest, Base Butter, Love Brings Happiness, and a host of other bomb brands. Everyone left with giveaway bags full of goodies including FULL size products, a bomb t-shirt as a keepsake, and more. 


Think you belong at this retreat next year? If you're looking for a fun-filled weekend surrounded by nothing but thriving women and inspiration then you need to be here. Sign up for The B Is For Boss updates here to be the first one notified for next year's dates and location. 


Asia Milia

I Lived My Best Life In Negril, Jamaica: Dunn's River, Bob Marley's Burial, Rick's Cafe, And Everything You Need To Know!

Wah gwan! I returned home about a week ago from spending 5 days in Jamaica, and it was LIT! I don't even know where to start, but I'll just jump right in. I stayed in Negril, about an hour and a half outside of Montego Bay where the airport is. The drive was absolutely worth it. Not only was Negril a party town, but it was so beautiful. 


I stayed at the Riu Negril, an all-inclusive resort in close proximity to the parties and excursions. The Riu is usually my resort of choice, but the one in Negril wasn't my favorite. It wasn't bad, but there was nothing that stood out. My # 1 complaint? They didn't serve mimosas at breakfast. It's like a morning tradition to have a mimosa on vacation. But, no worries—there was more than enough rum punch each day to keep me satisfied. 

My favorite part of the resort was the jerk hut on the beach that served authentic jerk chicken, rice & peas, and more of my favorite Jamaican dishes. And, yes I ate it allll! My pescatarian lifestyle was out the window in Jamaica and I will pay for it when I return to the gym. 


I wouldn't recommend the resort, but I would absolutely recommend Negril. Here's what I did and what I think you should do if you ever find yourself in the beautiful island of Jamaica, too: 

Hike Dunn's River

My followers who have been rocking with me for a while know that I'm one of the most clumsy people you could ever meet. Naturally I was scared to hike Dunn's River because it looks intimidating. Malique had been talking about this before we left so I prepared myself well in advance. Though there were some tough moments, the climb was so fun. Our tour guide stopped for moments to take pictures, there was a slide at one point, and even small little pools. I'd definitely recommend this to the adventurous vacationer or just someone who wants to try something new on vacay. 



Bob Marley's House - Nine Mile

Our Dunn's River tour included a tour of Nine Mile, where Bob Marley grew up and where his burial is. After driving 2,000 feet above sea level we arrived at the site. The views were amazing, I've never been so high in the mountains and I would've never thought that's where such an icon from the island grew up. View pictures from this tour below. 


Booze Cruise

The booze cruise might've been my favorite day of vacation. For only $60 we partied at Margaritaville while the boat prepared for us. The boat had all inclusive drinks and even included snorkeling. I snorkeled a few years ago, so I sat out this time, but we stopped for about 30 minutes. Following that the boat arrived at Rick's Cafe, a lit situation! I participated in a contest and before I knew it I was helping one of the participants channel Beyoncé, it was so much fun. There was also a ton of people jumping off tall cliffs as onlookers shockingly watched. Of course, Malique was a jumper. My phone died at Rick's so I barely got any pictures, but it was turned up from the bar to the cliffs. We sailed the sunset and made it back in time to still go out at night. It's the perfect day activity for anyone who wants to have a good time and meet people off the resort while on vacation. 


Other than those excursions, we partied at Margaritaville's beach club one night and it was a good time. I'm from NY so vibing and dancing to island music was so normal as oppose to the people who looked completely lost. It reminded me of my Hampton days. There was another club, 'The Jungle' that was never made it to, but everyone raved about it. 

Everyone kept telling me they couldn't wait to see my slaycation looks, but truth be told I was living in the moment so much that I barely even took pictures of my outfits and I had no regrets. THAT is the true meaning of fun to me. However, this weekend in Tulum I'll be sure to serve up the looks amongst my Baddies & Bosses on the retreat. 

Below you'll see the two swimsuits I posted to my Instagram with details. 

When I saw this tassel swimsuit on Missguided I had to grab it! For one, the colors are absolutely reminiscent to the reggae culture colors and the tassels were super cute. For my busty girls, I wouldn't recommend the triangle top fit, I had a few slips but it was all good.  Snag it for only $45 here!

When I saw this tassel swimsuit on Missguided I had to grab it! For one, the colors are absolutely reminiscent to the reggae culture colors and the tassels were super cute. For my busty girls, I wouldn't recommend the triangle top fit, I had a few slips but it was all good. Snag it for only $45 here!

I love swimwear, so bomb swim designers will always catch my eye no matter what the price tag is. I purchased this Andrea Iyamah swimsuit during the winter when it first dropped. I saw it and knew I had to have it, and also put in the WORK for it (in the gym, of course). It was definitely splurge worthy. Unfortunately it's sold out, but Andrea Iyamah has so many other bomb designs. Check them out  here . A plus? Shipping is super fast! 

I love swimwear, so bomb swim designers will always catch my eye no matter what the price tag is. I purchased this Andrea Iyamah swimsuit during the winter when it first dropped. I saw it and knew I had to have it, and also put in the WORK for it (in the gym, of course). It was definitely splurge worthy. Unfortunately it's sold out, but Andrea Iyamah has so many other bomb designs. Check them out here. A plus? Shipping is super fast! 

Overall, Jamaica was extremely fun, the food was delicious, the activities were never ending, and I can't forget how laid back and cool the Jamaicans were. Irie! (As they would say) I don't pull all nighters on many vacations, but Jamaica was definitely one. Next to Cancùn I definitely think I've found a new favorite party island. More questions about Jamaica? Ask in the comments or tell me some of your favorite things about JA if you've been. 


I'll be back again with a travel recap from Tulum, Mexico next week. Stay tuned to my Instagram for all things happening while I'm there! 


Asia Milia



Baddies & Bosses Take Tulum: Here’s All The Fashion Tips You Need


The countdown is officially on! Who’s ready for the Baddies & Bosses to hit Tulum? I know I am. We’re days away from slaying an island and creating new sisterhoods amongst a handful of bosses, who are obviously baddies. I am so elated to be apart of such amazing women as the official influencer on the scene covering all the major moments that will go down (because we already know they will)!


 While I’ve partied it up in Cancun three too many times, I’ve never stayed in Tulum. But, we’re in for a treat and the team is bringing the heat— from the exhilarating views of white sand beaches to the loads of tequila we’ll be drinking (and there will be plenty), this trip will be a memorable one had by all.

You all know pictures create the perfect memories and who doesn’t want to be flooding their Instagram feeds with straight heat?! Sorry Drake, we’re not “posting pictures for people at home,” we’re showing off for our own damn self! In preparation for shutting the ‘Gram down you know the fits have to be on point right?! Here’s my top 5 fashion tips for when traveling to the official Baddies & Bosses Retreat in Tulum.

1.    Don’t over pack

It’s easier said than done, I get it. But, the reality is you pack 50,000 looks and realistically how many do you really end up wearing? Save some money and carry a carry-on and roll your looks in to save some space. If you have a bomb hat or purse that you want to pack wear it on your flight so you have more space to pack essentials. Speaking of purses—

2.    Have one everyday bag

It is absolutely possible to have your beach bag, night bag, and brunch bag be one for vacation. Straw bags are on trend, but if you’re into trying something different try your hand at a more playful straw bag with colors, one that differs from the purse that everyone carries. ASOS has a cute one here.


 3.    Pack a few layers

Luckily temperatures will be scorching hot while we’re in Tulum, but don’t get it twisted— the temperature drops significantly on islands for some reason. I’m not saying to pack a hoodie and sweat pants, but definitely pack a maxi dress or 2 and a look with some sleeves, don’t get sick trying to be cute! Also, the airplane is always freezing cold—throw on your cutest leggings to ensure you stay comfortable in-flight.

4.  Read the itinerary and prepare your looks now

You didn’t think we weren’t going to be in formation right?! The retreat team worked tirelessly to create a thorough itinerary for the weekend. From Thursday’s flirty PJ’s to Friday’s color coded brunch and Saturday’s hot yellow swimsuits, every event requires a certain attire. Don’t wait until a few days before jet setting to place your order. Place it now so you don’t have to stalk to UPS man. FYI— stalk sales! Zara & ASOS are my go-to’s and they’re both having major sales right now. While you’re at it, be sure to check out   for your swim threads priced at $25 and under, issa steal!

 5.  Don’t let your clothes be your focus

Yes, we all want to be snapping it up for the ‘Gram, but don’t get so consumed in content that you forget to fulfill your true purpose of being at this retreat. Don’t leave with a bomb Instagram feed, but not a new motivated spirit to keep pushing towards your goals. That doesn’t add up sis! Arrive with the intention of a perfect balance.


Overall your clothes are only a portion of what matters on this trip. Whether you’re a beach boss babe or an edgy baddie, we’re going to manifest straight excellence on this 4 day weekend in paradise. So get ready to have a life changing weekend— understand that you will be returning home better than you left. We will celebrate current and future success and slay while we’re at it.

See you ladies soon! And, for those who won’t be at the retreat, these tips can help you for any luxurious getaway or even a weekend get away with your squad. Bon voyage, boss babe!








Vacation Style: Bathing Suits and Outfit Details from Costa Rica

What's a vacation without the proper slay, right? I'm a sucker for bomb bathing suits and luxe resort ensembles. I've always had to spend a pretty penny on swimsuits since I was younger since I'm busty, so splurging on them has now become the norm. But, I do love a cheap Fashion Nova swim here and there. Anyways, here are my looks:



This was my first day in Costa Rica! Fresh off the plane and it was raining on and off as you can see from the puddles. I wanted to wear something resort worthy, yet something that covered my legs because the rain had the mosquitos out and they love these juicy thighs. 


The pants were custom made by one of my newly favorite designers Fe Noel, she has a new Resort collection that just dropped. Shop it here! The top was from Zara, here's a similar one from Pretty Little Thing. These gold pants are currently the most fun item in my closet. Prepare to see them A LOT! Fashion week, vacation, work – I don't care. I love a good wide leg pant! 


The bathing suit that had you all FLOODING my DM's! First of all, isn't it bomb?! I got this cut out 2-piece from Andrea Iyamah – another amazing designer with some great pieces. It was a little pricey, but so worth it. The only thing I would say is that if you'd busty like me, purchase with caution. I had minor problems with the top, but the quality and design of the swimsuit overpowered that. I have another one of her swimsuits that I can't wait to rock in Jamaica! 

IMG_8788 2.JPG

Orange and melanin are a match made in heaven! OK! I love how orange looks on my skin tone, so when I found this I had to get it. ASOS has amazing swim tops for busty girls with their 'Fuller Bust' collection. The plunge top had the perfect cleavage and I still felt secure. Unfortunately, the fuller bust sizes are sold out, but you can shop the regular sizes here. The high leg tie bottoms were perfect because they covered my stomach without being extremely high waist and I loved the tie detail, if you're into mixing and matching get the bottoms here


I accessorized with a floppy hat I found at my favorite sunglass stand in the city! It was only $12 –ASOS has a similar one. The tiered tassel sandals are from Forever 21, also be prepared to see these a lot. They are the most comfortable pair of sandals I currently own. 


I threw this dress on as a cover up, but I will be wearing it as a dress in New York. It has a thigh slit and waist cutout, sexy! I love it and it was only $25 from Forever 21. It's sold out, but here's a similar style. 

IMG_1401 2.jpg

Cover-up, dress, shirt! This top is just about anything I want to make it. You can't see it too well here, but it's an oversized printed Zara top that screams vacay with it's patterns and fun colors. I wore it as a belted cover up in Costa Rica, and immediately wore it as a shirt with shorts when I got home. I will absolutely be wearing this top at least once a week, and nope I don't care. Snag one for only $50 at Zara!

IMG_1724 2.jpg

I must admit, I am not a fan of black and white on vacation because I love wearing color and feeling like I belong on an island. But, this skirt?! I had to get it. The slip underneath the crochet is a bit short so I can't wear it anywhere else but vacation because I have way too much just in my trunk. The fringe detail at the bottom is so cute, I received so many compliments on the resort. I figured I'd let the skirt speak for itself and I just kept it simple on top with an old ASOS top from their Fuller Bust collection. Get the skirt here! Shop an even cuter top to team it with from ASOS here

IMG_1854 2.JPG

I saved my waist snatching one piece for the last day for obvious reasons aka bloating from drinking and eating for 6 days straight. It's like a LBD, but a LBS – 'Little Black Swimsuit.' It has a elastic waist band that complements my hourglass shape so I can flaunt my curves appropriately. This is also from ASOS. They have a Fuller Bust edition available which is what I'm wearing, and they have a regular-sized one. The swimsuit also comes in pink, white, and royal blue

Which look was your favorite?! I love dressing on vacation. Now, I'm collecting my vacay looks for Jamaica! 


Asia Milia 




Asia Milia Takes Costa Rica: Where I Stayed & Pros and Cons of the Trip

Happy Hump Day travelistas and travelistos? Does that exist?! You get the point! I always love sharing my travel details with you all so if you ever visit you have lots of knowledge before jet setting overseas.


Last week I enjoyed 6 days in Central America, Costa Rica. I’ve received a plethora of DM’s and questions on everything from my looks to the resort. My looks are in a separate style post, but let’s get into this rundown of Costa Rica!

I stayed at an all inclusive resort, the Riu Palace. I’ve stayed at the Riu before in Cancun, but never at the Palace. This is the upgraded and more expensive version of the resort and it allows access to the less expensive one as well. So, I was able to eat, drink, party, etc. on 2 resorts.  Although I didn’t, it was nice to know I had the option.


Everyone’s favorite question is always, “How much was it?” We booked through a travel agent who my mom frequently uses. She hooks up transportation to and from the airport, flight, and the resort stay. For both of us it was $2,300 for 6 days. Keep in mind we flew in on a holiday weekend so the price may not be as high if you were to go on a random week. As always, I recommend and lately I’ve even noticed GroupOn has great deals if you're willing to lock in specific days. A downfall with traveling to Costa Rica is the direct flights. If you're like me you just want to hop on a flight and hop off at your location with no layovers. Direct flights are extremely hard to find to Costa Rica, from New York specifically there are only direct flights on Thursdays and Saturdays. 

My mom and I went for our annual mommy/daughter trip for her birthday and we usually just hang at the resort and relax, so the resort's appearance and ambiance means a lot to us. For starters, we walked into the room and WOW! I was immediately intrigued by the pink and purple (I’m such a girly girl, I know)! But, seriously the room had a beautiful set up with a huge tub at the entrance of the room, the bed was adorned with quilted purple blankets and bows, amazing artwork, and a beautiful breathtaking view of the mountains. Even the balcony was nice, it was the biggest one I’ve ever had at a resort. The room also had a mini bar set up just like my room in Cancun, this is always my cherry on top. In addition to this, the room service was included in the all inclusive although it took very long and was my food cold the one time I ordered it.

Balcony View from 4th Floor

Balcony View from 4th Floor

Food is always a hit or miss during an all inclusive stay, but Costa Rica wasn’t so bad. There were a lot of restaurants on the land—a yummy buffet open for all meals, a steak house, a Japanese restaurant, and an Italian restaurant. I only tried the steakhouse and buffet because the other menus didn’t quite fit my preference. The only downfall to the steakhouse is the walk. It was down past the pools and when it rains you have to walk past that and it’s open so it was home to lots of mosquitos and other huge bugs. One night we even saw 2 dogs just sitting by the entrance, Yuck! But, the food was delicious. I had both salmon and lobster tail and my mouth was watering, I’m a pescatarian as many of you know so my mom did the honors of trying the steak and she gave it 5 stars.


Drinks were a hit, just as they would be at any all-inclusive resort. However, they specialized in sangria and chocolate martinis. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have one everyday. The pool bar was my favorite because everyone was social and the bartenders were lit! I don’t know about you guys, but sipping a drink in the sun and socializing is like heaven to me.


So, you’ve got the rundown of all the good, but it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t tell you some of the cons that I ran into. Of course on my Instagram aka the highlight reel you saw the sun shining and loads of happy moments. But, there was one downfall. Costa Rica doesn’t have 4 seasons like us, they have a dry season and a rainy season. If you didn’t know, most of the state is a rainforest. May is the start of their rainy season and it only picks up as the summer goes on. When I say when it rains it POURS there, I am not lying. Most days it rained heavy at night with scary thunderstorms and bright lightening streaks in the sky. There was one full day that it rained so much we spent a lot of time in the room. Other times we’d look up and see a cloud pass and it would pour for about 30 minutes and the sun would shine like nothing ever happened. So, my number one piece of advice for visiting would definitely be to go during the winter when they’re in their dry season.


If you and your friends or you and bae are an adventurous bunch/pair you’d love the rainforest zip lines, mud baths, and more excursions that Costa Rica has to offer. Personally I’ve done zip lining once and I don’t see it happening again in the future because I’m a punk. But, it’s definitely somewhere to go if you’re into that. I love to travel to experience how different everywhere is. The black sand and mountains I saw were breathtaking and I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. Not too far off of my resort there was also a ‘Monkey Bar’ where tourists could feed monkeys suit, I must admit this is the only thing I didn’t get to do that I was upset about.

Zip lining in Cancun, circa 2014 

Zip lining in Cancun, circa 2014 

Aside from adventures, I enjoy soaking up history and culture of different countries when I’m away. When we arrived at the airport and I read the brochure I was immediately drawn into the photos of the colorful buildings and historical landmarks in the city of Nicaragua. Unfortunately, due to recent protests and deadly riots it is closed to tourists at the time. So I was upset, but I took a moment to research and what’s happening just hours away from the paradise I was in, there are deadly streets. It’s scary— you can read about the recent happenings here.


As a whole, Costa Rica was a relaxing getaway and the Riu Palace hosted a great stay. I’d recommend this location to anyone outside of the rainy season, of course. There’s so much to explore out in the world, get to it! Up next? Negril, Jamaica— unless I decide to fit something into my schedule within the next 7 weeks!

1/4 pools at the Riu Palace Costa Rica

1/4 pools at the Riu Palace Costa Rica

Where are you traveling this summer? Would you consider Costa Rica? 

Feel free to email me if there is anything you want to know that I didn't cover. 



Asia Milia









Cancùn, Mexico - What To Do, Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More!

Hey, hey! I've seen the DM's, the snapchat messages, and the comments so I am finally giving you guys some insight on my travel life! Here I will give details of my trips that I take and I'll also drop some vacay necessities from time to time because vacationing is one of my favorite things to do.



Last week I got back from Cancun with my best friend—it was out 3rd time there and our favorite, for lots of reasons. But, let's just into it! So, a lot of you asked where I book trips. If I don't go through a travel agent, which most of the time I do not, I go to Expedia, Orbitz, or like I did for this trip CheapCaribbean. These websites allow you to book package deals including flight and hotel with an all inclusive deal at the resort of your choice. All inclusive is honestly your best bet. I've experienced both and you end up spending the same amount of money. 


The only thing I would say is that sometimes the all inclusive meals on the resort aren't the most appetizing, but the unlimited alcohol certainly calls for no complaints. After all, isn't that what vacay is all about? 


Anyways— into these details. I stayed at the Riu Cancun, which was all inclusive and $800 for each of us including airfare from JFK A DEAL! It was a quick weekend away, the fastest we've ever taken actually, but the best one because every second was LIT! There was no, "Oh, let's just chill and go there tomorrow." No! It was we're living our best lives every second that we're here because we need to make everyday count. 


The resort was absolutely beautiful, especially our Oceanview room. We had a bar at the pool, in the lobby, and bottles in our room (no extra charge). There were a few food options including a Japanese restaurant, Italian, a Steakhouse, a buffet and a few others. I'll be honest our best meal was when we went off the resort to Ruth Chris. Previously when we went there with no all inclusive we ate at restaurants like Outback Steakhouse, Hooters, and chains of that nature. 

View from our room 

View from our room 

So, you've got the eats, but of course you go to Cancun to party! The Riu Cancun was in walking distance from the Party Zone. You have Cocobongo, La Vaquita, Mandala, the list goes on. Most of these places have a set price range for entry and open bar—from about $35-$65. You can always walk the strip and see who plays music that best fits your vibe, we went to Cocobongo years ago, but La Vaquita was our spot this time. 


If you're not a club person, there's a little alley off the strip (that we discovered this time around) and they have a little hookah lounge, and a few restaurants. 

So, that's nightlife