Baddies & Bosses Take Tulum: We Came, We Slayed, We Conquered

I've been on the run in real life and I'm finally having a moment to process it all. Last weekend I spent 3 days in Tulum with 30+ baddies and bosses at the Luxury Bahia Principe for the 1st "Baddies & Bosses" Retreat produced by The B is for Boss and Baddie Brunch Series


My best friend Shariah flew in for 48 hours and we partied it up at the Jay Z and Beyoncé concert on Thursday night in Jersey. I headed to the airport to catch the first flight out of the city. Unfortunately I encountered many flight delays and missed half the day in Mexico. For a second I was very upset because I looked forward to engaging with the ladies over brunch and moderating a successful and inspiring panel. It would've been my introduction to them as the influencer of the trip and I planned on kicking the weekend off with a bang. 

I quickly got myself together and I was reminded that there are some things that I can't control. What was more frustrating than anything was the cause of delays. There was no extreme rainstorm or nasty weather holding us back; the first flight had computer issues and my connecting one was "too hot." After a while I had to laugh. God was clearly forcing me to slow down. I worked extra hard before Shariah came, when she came we were running all over, and I went straight from the concert to the airport. I was so tired that I didn't know if I was going to be able to be myself when I landed in Mexico. 

It was nothing a pep talk and a coffee couldn't fix! I got it together quick and refocused my energy. I realized I would be missing half of Friday, but I wasn't going home and I had to make the best of my time which is what I did. 

Although I missed the brunch I got to enjoy the pics of the ladies. Everyone wore pink, orange, white, green, or red. Each color had a meaning for the brunch. They sipped drinks and dined while chatting about building brands, side hustles, resources, and more—a conversation I would've loved to be apart of. 


Not only did I miss the brunch and panel, but on Thursday night while I was partying it up with Bey & Jay the ladies had a welcoming session including a pajama party and broke off into small sessions of gemdropping. 

Finally I arrived shortly after the brunch on Friday when the ladies were given free time. I scouted the resort with Jahylin and a friend Simone who I was introduced to on the trip. If you follow me on IG then you know Jahylin, not only was she a bomb staff member of the team but she's also grown into a best friend of mine. It was no better treat than having her by my side on this trip. I wore this custom ensemble by @sarleamah, can we get into how BOMB it is?! 


During the free time the ladies went on excursions, swam in cenotes (sinkholes), and more. The Mayan Ruins was a major one, I went a few years ago. It's one of the seven Wonders of the World and an amazing sight to see. It was my 4th time in Mexico so I just taking in everything on the resort was fine with me. We hung at the beach and watched the sunset. Later we had drinks and dinner before resting up for Saturday with the ladies. One of my favorite perks of the resort was that it had top shelf liquor   which is something you usually don't find at an all inclusive result. I'm talking shots of Henny and Henny Coladas, if you're anything like me then this is your type of resort to stay at!


Saturday was the 3rd official day of the retreat so it was time to turn up! We started our morning at breakfast and then we headed to a resort on the campus for a photoshoot. The ladies showed how BOMB black women look in yellow, I mean have you seen a better combination?! 


After putting on our model faces we participated in a scavenger hunt all around the partner resorts we celebrated with a day party at the infinity pool. Think unlimited drinks, huge floating swans, and a bunch of bosses—yup, it went something like that. I took a break from the turning up to have lunch on the beach. The food was so bomb!


The farewell dinner was held at another connected resort at the Principe Bahia, we ate gourmet Brazilian meats and scrumptious sides. It was so empowering to chat over dinner about goals, our journey's, and more. I wore a white one-shoulder dress with a ruffled shoulder from ASOS. It was the perfect dress to slip on for dinner and I live for a good thigh slit. 


The retreat was sponsored by E Honey Skincare, Sassboxx, Mielle Organics, Curls, Crest, Base Butter, Love Brings Happiness, and a host of other bomb brands. Everyone left with giveaway bags full of goodies including FULL size products, a bomb t-shirt as a keepsake, and more. 


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Asia Milia