Asia Milia Takes Costa Rica: Where I Stayed & Pros and Cons of the Trip

Happy Hump Day travelistas and travelistos? Does that exist?! You get the point! I always love sharing my travel details with you all so if you ever visit you have lots of knowledge before jet setting overseas.


Last week I enjoyed 6 days in Central America, Costa Rica. I’ve received a plethora of DM’s and questions on everything from my looks to the resort. My looks are in a separate style post, but let’s get into this rundown of Costa Rica!

I stayed at an all inclusive resort, the Riu Palace. I’ve stayed at the Riu before in Cancun, but never at the Palace. This is the upgraded and more expensive version of the resort and it allows access to the less expensive one as well. So, I was able to eat, drink, party, etc. on 2 resorts.  Although I didn’t, it was nice to know I had the option.


Everyone’s favorite question is always, “How much was it?” We booked through a travel agent who my mom frequently uses. She hooks up transportation to and from the airport, flight, and the resort stay. For both of us it was $2,300 for 6 days. Keep in mind we flew in on a holiday weekend so the price may not be as high if you were to go on a random week. As always, I recommend and lately I’ve even noticed GroupOn has great deals if you're willing to lock in specific days. A downfall with traveling to Costa Rica is the direct flights. If you're like me you just want to hop on a flight and hop off at your location with no layovers. Direct flights are extremely hard to find to Costa Rica, from New York specifically there are only direct flights on Thursdays and Saturdays. 

My mom and I went for our annual mommy/daughter trip for her birthday and we usually just hang at the resort and relax, so the resort's appearance and ambiance means a lot to us. For starters, we walked into the room and WOW! I was immediately intrigued by the pink and purple (I’m such a girly girl, I know)! But, seriously the room had a beautiful set up with a huge tub at the entrance of the room, the bed was adorned with quilted purple blankets and bows, amazing artwork, and a beautiful breathtaking view of the mountains. Even the balcony was nice, it was the biggest one I’ve ever had at a resort. The room also had a mini bar set up just like my room in Cancun, this is always my cherry on top. In addition to this, the room service was included in the all inclusive although it took very long and was my food cold the one time I ordered it.

Balcony View from 4th Floor

Balcony View from 4th Floor

Food is always a hit or miss during an all inclusive stay, but Costa Rica wasn’t so bad. There were a lot of restaurants on the land—a yummy buffet open for all meals, a steak house, a Japanese restaurant, and an Italian restaurant. I only tried the steakhouse and buffet because the other menus didn’t quite fit my preference. The only downfall to the steakhouse is the walk. It was down past the pools and when it rains you have to walk past that and it’s open so it was home to lots of mosquitos and other huge bugs. One night we even saw 2 dogs just sitting by the entrance, Yuck! But, the food was delicious. I had both salmon and lobster tail and my mouth was watering, I’m a pescatarian as many of you know so my mom did the honors of trying the steak and she gave it 5 stars.


Drinks were a hit, just as they would be at any all-inclusive resort. However, they specialized in sangria and chocolate martinis. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have one everyday. The pool bar was my favorite because everyone was social and the bartenders were lit! I don’t know about you guys, but sipping a drink in the sun and socializing is like heaven to me.


So, you’ve got the rundown of all the good, but it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t tell you some of the cons that I ran into. Of course on my Instagram aka the highlight reel you saw the sun shining and loads of happy moments. But, there was one downfall. Costa Rica doesn’t have 4 seasons like us, they have a dry season and a rainy season. If you didn’t know, most of the state is a rainforest. May is the start of their rainy season and it only picks up as the summer goes on. When I say when it rains it POURS there, I am not lying. Most days it rained heavy at night with scary thunderstorms and bright lightening streaks in the sky. There was one full day that it rained so much we spent a lot of time in the room. Other times we’d look up and see a cloud pass and it would pour for about 30 minutes and the sun would shine like nothing ever happened. So, my number one piece of advice for visiting would definitely be to go during the winter when they’re in their dry season.


If you and your friends or you and bae are an adventurous bunch/pair you’d love the rainforest zip lines, mud baths, and more excursions that Costa Rica has to offer. Personally I’ve done zip lining once and I don’t see it happening again in the future because I’m a punk. But, it’s definitely somewhere to go if you’re into that. I love to travel to experience how different everywhere is. The black sand and mountains I saw were breathtaking and I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. Not too far off of my resort there was also a ‘Monkey Bar’ where tourists could feed monkeys suit, I must admit this is the only thing I didn’t get to do that I was upset about.

Zip lining in Cancun, circa 2014 

Zip lining in Cancun, circa 2014 

Aside from adventures, I enjoy soaking up history and culture of different countries when I’m away. When we arrived at the airport and I read the brochure I was immediately drawn into the photos of the colorful buildings and historical landmarks in the city of Nicaragua. Unfortunately, due to recent protests and deadly riots it is closed to tourists at the time. So I was upset, but I took a moment to research and what’s happening just hours away from the paradise I was in, there are deadly streets. It’s scary— you can read about the recent happenings here.


As a whole, Costa Rica was a relaxing getaway and the Riu Palace hosted a great stay. I’d recommend this location to anyone outside of the rainy season, of course. There’s so much to explore out in the world, get to it! Up next? Negril, Jamaica— unless I decide to fit something into my schedule within the next 7 weeks!

1/4 pools at the Riu Palace Costa Rica

1/4 pools at the Riu Palace Costa Rica

Where are you traveling this summer? Would you consider Costa Rica? 

Feel free to email me if there is anything you want to know that I didn't cover. 



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