Appreciating the Setbacks

My first week back in New York after graduation I was so excited to be back, send my emails out, network, continue applying to jobs, and just be great. But, that's the last thing that happened. The day before graduation, my laptop charger broke and the day I returned to New York I had 55% on my laptop. My MacBook has been running on it's last leg for the past few months, so that 55% naturally lasted about an hour because my computer moves so slow. This is when it hit, I couldn't just text someone on campus or in my apartment complex and ask to borrow a charger. 

I didn't want to buy a new charger and waste money because I knew that one of my graduation gifts (a new laptop) was coming mid-June. I felt like a bum. I worked out everyday, but I would come home and just be on my phone. My boyfriend and my friends told me that I was being forced to relax, and I deserved that time after 4 years of grinding. But, Asia Milia doesn't know what that is. 

This is Rosé. Yes, I named her. Yes, it's pronounced like the champagne. 

This is Rosé. Yes, I named her. Yes, it's pronounced like the champagne. 

Thankfully, because of my amazing mother, instead of mid-June, I got my new laptop. She's my baby, I named her Rosé and the day I got her blessings started falling in my lap. Email responses I was waiting on, meetings started to commence, it was crazy. 

I feel reborn with Rosé, now I can type up articles in my old timing instead of waiting 30 minutes for Safari to load, I can finally upload my pictures directly to my computer. There was so much that went into it, and my MacBook was a major setback for me. It helped me get my work done at the end of the semester and that was all. 

I say all of this to say, sometimes we are forced into setbacks for a reason. I needed to "chill" in order to see how hard I needed to go. I wanted to post more, I wanted to do so much more for my brand and myself, but I was being slowed down. Rosé is my major comeback, so stay tuned for some bomb content and maybe even some re-branding this summer!