Asia Milia Is Graduating + What College Taught Me About Friendships

Your girl is graduating tomorrow! May 14, 2017 I will be graduating with my BA in Strategic Communications from Hampton University. For everyone that knows me or has been following me, you know that I've been complaining about being in school in Virginia forever, and I've felt like school was holding me back from being everything that I wanted to be. So, here we are a few hours away and I cannot believe it, but this post is setting the tone for my blog and to let you guys know that there are no more papers, assignments, or anything holding me back from blogging consistently and taking it to the next level. 

In honor of graduating I wanted to highlight something I've learned during college. And, that is all about friendships. Yes, Hampton taught me so much more than that, but I can honestly say that without my friends I would not be where I am. They push me and motivate me to continue to be great, and Hampton couldn't have gave me anything better (besides my degree). 

When we're young in junior high school and high school friendships are based off of liking the same things, being in the same class, or anything along those lines. But, in college, the friends that I gained were based on energy, their energy matches mine and each of them taught me that you have different friends for different things. Shariah, Tolani, and Marshea are all my hearts in human form and they all serve a special purpose in my life. 


The first day we moved into Hampton, we lived across the hall from each other and our parents started talking and introduced us. And, from that day on we were inseparable. That's my travel partner, my sister, my party animal, my everything. We've lived together mostly all of college, and that is truly my best friend. Shariah and I had the wildest college moments, that no one but us will ever know and that can never be duplicated. Shariah has seen me at my worst, my best, and all the in between. I've broken down and cried on her plenty of times throughout college, and she was always my shoulder to lean on, but she showed me tough love. Tears could never flow too long because that North Carolina accent will fly out and give me the pep talk I need. Shariah is the best friend that will send me a scripture mid-day at the times I need it most, and also the best friend who will hop in the car to go to happy hour at 11 a.m. with me. To be honest, I think the hardest park about leaving college will be that I can't run into her room and jump on her bed to wake her up anymore, I can't crave brownies and ice cream with her at 3 a.m. and go to Walmart and get it, and I can't do anything too wild without her because people might think I'm crazy. 


Where do I start? Tolani Rosa and I had classes together and always acknowledged each other's outfits but never spoke. It wasn't until we started liking and commenting on each other's Instagram pictures that the bond really started. I DM'ed her once and asked could I photograph her for a past internship I did, and she said of course! We met in the city, walked about 20 blocks with no phones just talking, and we never held a conversation before that! From both loving fashion, to having fathers with the same name, to being 2 weeks apart, Tolani is my everything. When I have a business idea I can send it to her at 4 a.m. and get a response at 6 a.m. telling me how to perfect it, and how amazing or non-amazing it is. When I know that I need to be eating clean, Tolani will snatch unhealthy food out of my hand or she'll stop talking to me for a few hours as punishment, LOL. I can go on and on about our sisterhood, but I'll leave our future up to do the talking. I can lean on Tolani for just about everything, and she's always a ear to listen. Meeting Tolani in college taught me so much about myself, and we pushed each other to this day since the day we met. Our friendship grew slowly, but strong. I've done some crazy stuff for this girl, and I'd do it all over again. Talk about a real friend, and I'll tell you about Tolani. 


This crazy, lovable, ambitious girl came into my life when I needed it most. We have the same major so we were always cool and talked, but she became a sister to me overnight throughout senior year. From working New York Fashion Week together to our late night venting sessions about how we're going to be great and all the steps we need to take to get there. Marshea challenges me everyday to step my sh*t up. Both of us had our website launches during senior year and we lean on each other for everything regarding them because they are our babies. Not only does Marshea challenge me and consistently motivate me, but she gets me! I can talk to her about my family and my struggles and she never judges. Marshea can also make you laugh for days, if I'm upset about something I can depend on her to snap me out of it quick with one simple joke. Shea knows that whatever she needs I got her, and vice versa. I will miss our little workout sessions with Tolani, even though they just started at the end of the semester, but those were some of my best days because between every sit up, squat, and sprint were words that will forever stick with me. 

I could go on and on for days about each of our friendships, but the point of this is to tell people that you have different friends for different things and college taught me that. The friend that you write business plans with may not be the one you travel the world with, but they all are of equal importance and help mold you into a better you everyday of your life, and if they don't then you need to reevaluate your circle. 

Thank you, Hampton for these friendships. My bridesmaids and my children's Godparents, and friends that I know I can lean on forever. These aren't the only friends/ sisters I gained at Hampton, but these 3 are my heart in human form, and it was only right to dedicate my last post of being a college student to them. Now, it's time to take the world by storm!


Asia Milia