Claire Sulmers, "The Bomb Life"

 I remember seeing Claire post a photo to her Instagram over the summer sitting on a laptop announcing that she is writing a book. I automatically messaged my friend ecstatic— I didn’t know exactly what the book would be about, but I just knew I needed it in my hands. For those of you who don’t know who Claire Sulmers is, she is the founder and editor of Fashion Bomb Daily, and she is now a brand ambassador. Anyone who has been following me for a while knows that she is my #1 inspiration in the industry (my friends call me Claire Jr., it’s that serious). This chic, girl boss keeps it real, raw, and 100% authentic in her first book, The Bomb Life.

For anyone who aspires to work in the fashion industry, build a brand, understand the business of blogging, or just trying to figure out the maze of life then this book is for you. Claire introduces us to her life as a Harvard University student, as an African-American studies and French minor where her purpose was discovered. For anyone who is a recent college graduate or soon to be a college graduate like myself, you may need to read her life story for some major inspiration. Sulmers takes her readers from her big NYC move post-graduation, to moving back home, and then following her dream of moving to Paris.

I don’t want to give you too many juicy details of the book, because I want you to read it yourself. But, I do want to let you know that Claire makes sure to let it be known that she worked for everything she has now. She discusses her first jobs, her job as a fact checker and working on Fashion Bomb Daily while at work knowing that her purpose was so much more than sitting in that office. She gives the stories of the people who showed fake love, as Drake would say— and, it made me realize that everyone in the front row is not always applauding for your success.

The most touching chapter to me was the last one, “Letters To My Younger Self.” I shed tears in this chapter because a lot of what she was writing was speaking to me, and I think it can speak to a lot of us. “If you invest your time and energy, and people recognize you are serious about what you are doing, they will support you.” This was one of the main points she made that stuck out to me— Claire begged no one because she didn’t have to, her grind spoke for itself.

I can’t stress how much of an amazing book this is, and I’m not just saying that because I look up to Claire as my role model, but because I know more people out there need this book and need to hear everything she talks about. Not many people in the fashion industry will tell you how they got to where they are and how you can get there, too.

Because I know someone out there needs this, I am giving away a book to one lucky winner. I want this winner to be someone who will truly benefit from this book like I did. I wake up some mornings and read one page just to get through my day— I want someone else to benefit like that. Go to my Instagram, @MissAsiaMilia and find the rules to enter. The contest starts on February 27, 2017 and ends on March 3, 2017 11:59 EST. Good luck, and even if you don’t win please get a copy; find it here!


Asia Milia