Cocktails with Claire Testimonial: So Much Can Change In a Year When You Don't Let Roadblocks Stop You

Happy Monday!

This Monday is a bit different!  While I could write about my outfits this weekend, or a regular recap of Cocktails with Claire & Ty Hunter, I’m not. I have a testimony on my heart that I want to share.

I shared a tweet on Saturday telling a story of how I was upset last Fall because I couldn’t attend Cocktails with Claire a year ago due to school. I wanted to come up to New York so bad, and my mother told me it made no sense because finals were coming up and I was returning home for winter break shortly after.

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I cried! I cried real tears, I wanted to be there so bad. This was around the time that being at Hampton was taking a toll on me because I wasn’t able to be in New York doing what I wanted to do. However, who knew that in a year so much would change. This past Saturday, not only did I attend CWC, but I worked BTS, attended a dinner with Claire and the team, and I collaborated to write a recap for Fashion Bomb Daily- check it out here!

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If I learned anything, it’s that sometimes God will block something or close a door to see how willing you are to work for what you want. I could’ve easily given up on meeting Claire or ever even attending a Cocktails with Claire event, but I didn’t! I asked to attend last year, it was blocked and now a year later the blessings poured in way beyond my expectations.

I love to inspire others through my journey, and I hope this story can truly do that for someone. Plant your seeds, harvest them, and when it blossoms be ready. I’m in complete awe of how much has changed. It’s proven to me that when you speak something, it can become your reality. One of my closest friends Marshea wrote on her blog last week saying, “There's power in your thoughts, words, actions and efforts, so be cautious of how you use them. If you believe you can't accomplish something, you won't and if you only speak in darkness, you'll never see the light.” This quote stuck with me for a few reasons, and this weekend made it clear why. When I let my thoughts, actions, and words be on one positive accord and truly believed I could accomplish things, I did and it exceeded my expectations.


I hope this story can inspire anyone who may be disappointed in a roadblock, be reminded that when you don’t sulk over it and you work hard things will work in your favor. I saw so many girls eager to take selfies with Claire and all I could think of was that I used to be that girl trying to take a selfie. I'm so grateful. Remember your position can change a few months from now, even a few weeks! Just don't give up, please!


I celebrated this weekend’s success at brunch on Sunday! Thanks to DaVaugn for my beat face all throughout the weekend! See pics below, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this coat it’s from last year Forever 21. My shoes are by House No. 3028, stay tuned for my interview with the designer later this week. My hair is by Silk Indian Hair, it's a closure and I absolutely love it. Use code FALL20 for 20% off of 2 or more bundles! 



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