E Honey Skincare Featuring Girl Boss Erika Clark

During the winter months it is extremely important to take extra care of your skin as the cold can take a toll on it. During the summer with outdoor brunch dates and beach days, tans usually keep skin glowing and in a healthy state. However, with heavy winter winds and dry cold it can be a struggle to keep skin moist. Right before winter started, I collaborated with E Honey Skincare products and have been exfoliating my face with their "Goddess Glow" exfoliation which has had my skin glowing and clear despite the cold temperatures and dry cold. Not only has the "Goddess Glow" made my skin feel better, but it also has a great smell especially after a long sweaty workout. Erika Clark is the founder of E Honey Skincare LLC, and I interviewed the girl boss on her accomplishments thus far with EHoney and her life as an entrepreneur. 

Asia Milia: What is E Honey Skincare?

Erika: E Honey Skin Care is a skin care line and beauty brand for women and men of all skin tones. Our mission is for you to have skin that glows like honey. 

Asia Milia: What inspired you to start E Honey Skincare LLC?

Erika:  I was inspired to start Ehoney for a combination of different reasons. It started from my exposure to research on skin of color at Hampton University's Skin Of Color Research Institute, and realizing such an intriguing field existed. Then, working with physicians and PhD's side by side, peaked my interest and passion for dermatology research and skin care.  I began to see just how many people were affected by their skin. When I started to have really bad breakouts and scarring I would make different face scrubs, masks, and experiment with natural products to help heal and prevent my problems. I fell in love with honey and when I went to search products to purchase with honey in them I didn't find any, I then decided I would create my own. Following influential women like Oprah, Beyoncé, Karen Civil and Ming Lee inspired me to listen to my passion and turn my ideas into a reality now instead of later!

Asia Milia: What were some of the struggles of starting your own company?

Erika: Some of the struggles of starting my own company were fear of failure, and fear of imperfection, as well as saving money while maintaining bills and a social life, time management, and making sacrifices.  

Asia Milia: What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?

Erika: What I love most about being an entrepreneur is that everything is on my terms. I control my schedule and I control my destiny. It's so rewarding seeing the fruits of my labor be recognized and appreciated. The support and the satisfaction from customers after making a sale give me the best feeling ever.

Asia Milia: What's next for E Honey Skincare?

Erika: There is so much in store for E Honey. There will be a moisturizer and mask launching soon, then a men's line to follow. The team will be sponsoring a few events, and be participating in some great events in NYC and LA.

Asia Milia: What advice would you give to young women looking to start a business in the beauty industry?

Erika: The best advice I can give is to do your research, be yourself, know your brand, and meet deadlines.

E Honey products can be found here! Get your Goddess Glow Cleansing Scrub and be sure to tag #EHoneySkin on Instagram. 



I don't usually use everything on my face, but this glow scrub consistently keeps my face glowing pre-scrub, during my usage of the scrub, and even after when I put make-up on my face. The Goddess Glow even prevents breakouts when I get them, which is rare.