How I got to where I am at 20 years old

I find it weird when people ask me how am I successful so young because I see myself as far from successful. I'm on my way to it, definitely, and closer than I was years ago, but I'm not there yet. I guess that's because everyone has a different definition of what success means to them. To me, success is finding my passion, fulfilling it, making money doing what I love, and transferring my knowledge and everything I know to anyone coming behind me.

It amazes me that I can inspire so many young girls to chase their dreams because I have so many women who I look up to that inspire me. The question I get 24/7 is how did I get to where I am today? 

The answer is, I grind, hustle, and don't complain. I'm still a student, I'm a senior in college so I have a lot of time to fully embark on my career. But, I've gotten to where I am now by being a go-getter. I jump for any opportunity that I think describes me best and I work hard to get what I want. Truth be told I've been told no plenty of times, but that never stopped me it just pushed me to keep going. 

For my young girls who are aspiring to work in the fashion industry like me, you have to be willing to work for free. You truly have to start from the bottom. A lot of people see me attending fashion week, working with ESSENCE, and doing "glamorous" work at 20 years old, but fail to realize that I've went summers interning at multiple places. I've made coffee runs and broke down crying in the middle of New York City, and I always ended my day with a smile on my face. 

Is my dirty work done? No, I still consider myself close to the bottom, just with a lot of experience under my belt. But, this is for my young ladies who think the grind is all glamorous and who thinks I got here overnight, I didn't. Be hungry, be humble, and most of all be authentic. When you're authentically you, no one can tell you anything. 



Asia Milia

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