Open Letter To 2017

Dear 2017,

Thank you in advance for the success that I know you will bring me. I've written down each and every one of my goals and I plan to accomplish all of them within these fresh new 365 days. In 2016, I learned a lot, especially in the last few months. I've learned that I can not put anyone's happiness before my own. So, this year I'm putting Asia's happiness first. When I try to please others so much I tend to lose focus on the "why," and I can promise that I will never do that again.

I want to ask you, 2017, to push me to my limits. Block out my fears and allow me to pursue all of my passions no matter what it takes. 2016 made me realize that I know my passion, but I don't know exactly what my "dream job" is, I know my "dream life." With my graduation a few months away (May 14,2017), and not knowing exactly what I will be doing it bothers me a little, but I have faith that this year will allow me to find that clarity. I have to be thankful to 2016 and previous years for my experience within my desired industry because without if I would still think that my "dream job" was a dream. 

There was a post on Instagram going around on the last day of 2016 that read, "@ a black girl who inspired you this year and tell her why." I received so many tags and they all had one things no common, everyone who tagged me said I inspired them to "boss up," and it made me smile because I said that I wanted 2017 to be my "Boss Up" year. Bossing up in everything, taking control of my life and not letting anyone influence me negatively, working on projects that will allow me to be my own boss, and maintaining my confidence of a boss which reminds me that I can do absolutely whatever I put my mind to. The fact that other women say I inspired them to boss up in 2016 was confirmation that I chose the right theme for my year.

I can't ask you to not disappoint because I have to hold myself accountable. So, all I ask is that you keep positive energy around me that will allow me to keep winning, and even if I lose, allow me to find the win within.


Asia Milia

To my girl bosses,

I challenge you to do two things this week; write your own open letter to 2017 and write down all of your goals for the year with a pen and paper, be specific with your goals. This will help keep you accountable. The jitters of it being a new year will wear off, but the jitters of you reaching your goals should never wear off. So, here's to a fresh 365 days to boss up. Happy New Year!!!