Review of Cocotique Anniversary Box + Interview With Founder Dana Hill


I am no stranger to subscription boxes, so I know a good one when I see it! If you've been following me for a while then you know that when I was an ESSENCE Magazine College Ambassador a lot of my role was representing their beauty box. When they discontinued it I was at a loss, I didn't know of a brand that had monthly boxes curated for African-American women like myself. Shortly after, I was introduced to Cocotique. They've been sending me their boxes for a few months and some of my absolute favorite beauty products I've discovered from their box. 

The most recent products I received were from their 4-year anniversary box themed to celebrate YOU and your unique magic. Right up my alley! My favorite products were the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation which perfectly stayed on my face during my vacation throughout the day in the Vegas sun, and partying all through the night. 

The skincare products kept me feeling amazing, especially the body bar and foot balm which had my skin super soft! COCOTIQUE knows what it is doing when it comes to catering to African-American women and their beauty needs whether it be hair, skin, or even nails. Who's the boss behind it all?! Dana Hill! I had the chance to chat with Dana and get a little insight on what it's like to be the girl boss of COCOTIQUE! 

Asia Milia: What inspired you to be your own boss and launch Cocotique? 


Dana Hill: Working for myself allows me to be in control of my destiny, which is a major motivating force and is what drives me to be my own boss. COCOTIQUE was born out of necessity.  Being a big beauty product fanatic, I subscribed to various subscription services, but was fed up with not receiving products tailored to my specific beauty concerns for WOC [women of color].  Out of my frustration, I developed the idea for COCOTIQUE.  

AMW: What challenges have you faced? 

DH: I would say some of the biggest challenges have been obtaining funding to help scale and managing a work/life balance. 

AMW: What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur? 

DH: Being able to realize your dreams and to wake up every morning blessed to do what you love. 

AMW: I know that this anniversary box is about "celebrating YOU and your unique magic," can you tell me a little bit about why you chose that as this year's anniversary box theme? 

DH: I want women to realize their worth and their inherent beauty.  Despite what the media tries to define what is beautiful, we all have a special light inside of us to share.  I encourage women to shine bright and to recognize that their beauty flows from the inside out.  Your unique magic is what’s inside you and what makes you truly beautiful.

AMW: What's next for COCOTIQUE? 

DH: We’re working on doing more events in 2018, and of course introducing more new brands to my subscribers. To date we’ve worked with over 175 brands!

To all my girl bosses and aspiring girl bosses, take a tip of two from Dana she is thriving and so is her brand! Subscribe to COCOTIQUE here! It'll make the perfect gift for the holidays, as well! The gift that keeps on giving. 

It is my goal to bring you more interviews from successful entrepreneurs in fashion, beauty, health, and more! If you have anyone specific you'd love to hear from, let me know girl bosses! 


Asia Milia