Brighten Up Your Winter With Your Style

Happy Friday! 

It's almost the weekend and Thanksgiving is a few days. Are you guys ready to stuff your face? I know I am, not! As the holidays quickly approach, the temperatures are quickly falling. While I'm a lover of the cold weather, I also do like to hold onto one style from the summertime—colors! 


Fashion rules upset me. You can wear white all year round and you can wear the brightest colors whenever you want. I opted to wear these bright blue wide leg pants because they're bold and intense with color. Who only wants to standout in the summer? I believe in making statements (as you guys know) and these pants are just that. 


This fur stole has been a favorite of mine since I brought it last winter, and surprisingly they brought it back this season so grab yours! Not only is it warm, but it has so many colors in it with a black base, which allows me to pair it with a lot. This look can easily be a work to drinks outfit (as it is for me). It was originally my Cocktails with Claire look until I found out I had to wear all black because I'm clearly always in work mode. 


I hope you all go forth and enjoy your weekend! I have all of next week off so I plan to enjoy myself, workout all I can, and make it to some places that I haven't visited yet including the Louis Vuitton exhibit. 


I'll leave you with 3 things from this look — Be Bold. Break Rules. Be Happy. That's what this look inspires me to do. I'm at such a positive place in my life and only happy vibes are accepted, so I am sending you all of mine! Have an amazing weekend, girl bosses.


Asia Milia 

P.S. How are you guys liking this hair on me? I love it. I got it from Silk Indian Hair. It's my first lace closure and I must say I'm very impressed. It's soft and manageable for my on-the-go lifestyle. If you shop with them and use code FALL20 you'll receive 20% off of 2 bundles or more! Grab them up! What style should I do next? My birthday is in less than 2 months and I'll be on vacation so I'll need to style this hair cute! 



Pants H&M (Sold Out) - Different color

Faux fur stole Forever 21 

Photos by Jennelle Gordon

The Final 60: How October Prepared Me To Enter A Season of Wins

Girl bosses! Are you ready?! We are in the final stretch- 60 days left of 2017. It's crunch time! After being challenged in October I am on a high and ready to take on November and December to conquer all of my goals before 2018. Remember I said I had a story for you all about some challenges? Well, here it is! 


When the month first started I was feeling very unchallenged, and I instantly had a challenge fall in my lap. I intern at InStyle for the Editor-In-Chief, Laura Brown and in the beginning of the month her assistant was going out of town and Laura was also supposed to be out. However, plans changed and she was now going to be in the office. God works in mysterious ways because the exact same day I was feeling unchallenged I came into work to find out that I would have to fill in for her assistant for a few days.


There were so many emotions that ran through my head— I was excited, yet nervous. I observe her everyday and I am her shadow, but it was something about being by myself with Laura that shook me up. Well, I did it and while it was extremely challenging it went amazing! I got so many compliments on how great of a job I did, including compliments from Laura. This experience truly taught me that if you ask for something it will come, it will come fast and you better be ready. I’ve been feeling better about a lot since I had to do that— I don’t know if it was because I really saw my work ethic from being challenged or what, but it really proved to me that being challenged pushes growth.

Therefore, entering the last 2 months of the year with this energy has me excited and eager. I am keeping the energy up because it will carry into the new year, read more about that here! I hope my story can remind you that if you are ever feeling unchallenged, or like you need to be pushed be ready for that push and don't look back because you aren't going there. We're moving onward, entering a season of wins that will be rewarding and fruitful. Don't take these last 60 days for granted!

Outfit details 

Top: Fashion Nova  (Similar)

Pants: Zara (Similar

Leather jacket: H&M (Similar)


My Favorite Print: Snakeskin Galore + What It Represents

Happy Monday! 

My life has been a complete roller coaster lately, more ups than downs, but still a major roller coaster. My 1 year anniversary of the blog was 10 days ago, October 6 and I didn't get to celebrate how I wanted to because I was too busy complaining and getting caught up in a perfect image. Needless to say, we're 16 days into October and everything is starting to make sense. I'm being challenged more (more on that later in the week), I'm complaining less, and I am being a lot more grateful of the blessings in my life. 


Being that all of these positive changes are reflecting on my life I wanted to do something a little different with this style post. Today, I'm connecting my style, particularly this outfit, to my current situation. Snakeskin has always been one of my favorite prints along with camo, but thinking beyond clothes when I think of snakes and their scales I think of me. Snakes are sneaky, yes, but no that's not me. I identify more with their skin– it's rough and camouflages easy. But, one unique thing about snakeskin is that it can remove it's skin to allow further growth. Shed, shed, shed! 


Aha! That's me, right now. Figuratively, of course. I am at a point in my life where I am growing into a purpose so big that sometimes my mind can not conceive what's next, but as I am growing I am shedding. I'm shedding negativity away from my thoughts, I'm shedding doubt, and I'm shedding whoever doesn't fit in with my purpose. Oh, I'm shedding weight, too! I'll do a fitness post in the weeks to come. 


The shedding process isn't easy either, but the more I shed the more I grow, similar to a snake. I hope you guys get my analogy. My advice to you on this Monday is to SHED, there are under 80 days left in 2017, don't go into 2018 with that same dead skin that you're using to camouflage into your fake happiness. Stay tuned for more posts this week! 


Asia Milia 

Your favorite Girl Boss 

I'm wearing a H&M jacket (Sold Out) – here's a matching skirt

A Zara skirt

Steve Madden shoes (Sold Out)–Similar 


Happy First Day of Fall!

I’m a winter baby so most people would probably think that’s my favorite season. Wrong! Like most fashion people, fall is my absolute favorite season, and today marks the start. The leaves change colors, the weather gets a tad bit chillier, and I can smell the holidays creeping around. I could care less about warm drinks and Halloween movies around this time of year, honestly. I’m more into changing my wardrobe over, finally wearing a face of makeup without feeling like I’m going to pass out and throwing on some thigh-high boots that can finally fit over these thick thighs.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

This is the first fall that I am back to living in New York which makes me really excited because for 4 years in Virginia I don’t think I ever got a legitimate fall. There’s something about fall in the city that I love, and I’m so ready to have my outfits scream “Fall In The City.” Chic furs (faux, of course until I’ve made it), different color leather jackets, booties— the list goes on and on. Just know that’s my vibe this whole season.


I felt like it was just right to throw on some fall colors for today. I very rarely wear all black ensembles, which is why I accessorized with this wide waist belt and fringe sandals. This belt might just be one of my new favorite accessories. Besides the fact that it is snatching my waist (I’ve also been going very hard in the gym), it is the perfect addition to a look that you’d like to add more depth too. The best part? It was only $19. Snag it here!

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

These hints of burgundy have me crushing on fall colors. For anyone that doesn’t know, my favorite color changes every couple of months. For, summer it was yellow, but from this look alone I plan on making it burgundy or maybe even red. So, expect to see lots of that!

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Happy Autumn!


Asia Milia

What are you most excited about for this season? Tell me in the comments! 

Shoes: C Label

Belt: ASOS

Skirt (Similar): Express

IMG_0941 (1).JPG

New York Fashion Week: The Lessons I Learned + Growth

That's a wrap! 7 days of non-stop fashion, runways, inspiration, events, and more! This New York Fashion Week has been so eye-opening for me, and I've been reflecting for the past couple of days. This is the third Fashion Week that I've actively participated in: working shows, attending shows and events. And, I must say the third time really is a charm. 


Last September Fashion Week I came up from school to work ESSENCE's Street Style Block Party and attended my first show. The next Fashion Week in February I had an amazing opportunity to work behind-the-scenes and be a venue assistant. This Fashion Week I don't know what I didn't do. In the office, I handled packages for my boss, who's Laura Brown, the editor-in-chief of InStyle in preparation for the shows. When I left I was collecting Street Style for Fashion Bomb Daily—read one of my pieces here. I also got to attend shows and I attended a plethora of events. I barely worked backstage like I did last season because of my lack of time. The one day I did try and work my body completely shut down. Here, I learned that it's ok to rest and not aways be on GO. 


One of the number one lessons I learned is to speak up. For one, I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now if I didn't constantly speak up and say what I wanted. But, in this case I really learned how important it is. I got to attend one of the hottest star-studded shows, Philipp Plein. Future, Nicki Minaj, Teyana Taylor and Yo Gotti are just a few A-listers who performed. When I was on my way out Fabulous walked right past me, and I said to myself, "Wow, I'm really here." At this event is where it hit me that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be.


Back to the message—I stress the importance of speaking up because I simply asked someone about attending this show in the office and they gave me their ticket. This is someone who I greet everyday and always crack a smile at, but this just goes to show you that the small things really do matter because she could've easily said she had no idea what was going on with the show. 

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

I said to one of my friends the next day that there were so many celebs there that I felt like I shouldn't be there. She said, "If you were there, you were supposed to be there." This stuck with me, because I needed to hear that not only for Fashion Week, but for my life. I often doubt myself or ask myself how I end up so blessed with opportunity, and that was my response to it all. I'm supposed to be exactly where I am at. 

Thank you guys for continuously following my journey! 


Asia Milia 

I am wearing a Forever 21 kimono, H&M jeans, Zeleste Co. bag

Thank you to Zeleste for supplying me with all of my bags for Fashion Week! 

Photos by Micaela

A Seat At The Table: Recap of Seamore’s #InstaMeetUp Brunch

If I had to think of 3 words to describe what I felt this past weekend it would be: magical, inspired and high. I know high probably threw you way off. But, yes— HIGH! High off of the energy that surrounded me, inspired by the amazing women I met, and magical because my weekend was just that— magic! I attended a brunch Instagram and my friend/blogger Micaela put together. We were hosted by Seamore’s and the theme was #kindcomments, chosen by Instagram for their annual campaign.


We laughed, we drank, we ate, we shared kind comments with one another, and of course, we took pictures; lots of them. In the midst of New York Fashion Week this brunch was what I needed.


Every woman that attended this brunch inspired me in some way, shape or form. I sat to myself and said, “Wow, I really have a seat at this table.” To be amongst such amazing people I felt honored! There need to be more events like this. There was no gossip and there was no shade. We sipped mimosas, shared compliments, talked about goals, and everything in between.


I got to speak with some ladies more than others because we were sitting next to each other and one of those ladies was stylist and designer, Sky Conner. Something she said in our conversation that resonated with me was “Have ownership—Some people aren’t meant to be entrepreneurs, but whatever you do have ownership there.”  Checkpoint! Ownership. When you own something there’s a different meaning to your lifestyle. I say all this to say that I have 50 million things that I do, but my end goal is ownership and I want you all to think about that as well.


There were so many gems dropped. I wish I could share them all, but I hope you enjoy these pictures! Thank you Micaela for inviting me and allowing me to be so inspired. I was so honored to have a seat at the table. 


Stay tuned to my Fashion Week recap later this week!


Asia Milia

Your favorite Girl Boss



My D.C. Weekend: Brunch Attire

Let's talk about an amazing weekend—extended weekend if I must add. I spent the last couple of days in D.C. with my big sis (from Hampton) and it was amazing. We handled business and had our fun, too. I got amazing news Friday afternoon that I'll be working as a press escort next weekend at BET Black Girls Rock so I was in full celebratory mood from Friday until yesterday. A celebratory mood needs a slay to match, right? I attended brunch in this cute reworked shirt, a summer staple. 

As I told you guys in my last post, reworked shirts are my current obsession. Since there is a lot of detailing with the shirt denim shorts were the best option to pair with it. Everyone has been asking about this shirt. I got it from Forever 21 and the price was a steal! These shorts are also from Forever 21, but they're sold out. Here are some similar ones. These were such simple pieces, but I had fun dressing them up. 

These yellow shoes (which are my new faves) are probably the most comfortable sandal I own right now. They're Steve Madden and the sexy, strappy detailing is so fierce. This handheld Aldo bag had the most subtle hint of yellow in the attached scarf and went perfect with this look. The bag is sold out online, but it is still being sold in stores. It's the perfect summer bag that can be carried into fall. 

It rained on and off all day, but this was my brunch look for the weekend. I just got back to New York and it feels like fall. Yes, fall is my favorite season. But, no baby what are you doing?! This is my last week to myself before I start working, and as much as I would love to throw on a nice fall look I want the hot, warm summer weather so I can do summer things.

In honor of the in-between weather here in NYC and my love of reworked shirts, below you'll find my top favorite detailed blouses that you can rock in the summer and fall. 


NOLA Style: Off The Shoulder X Floral Pants + A Little Surprise

Hey, hey!

This look is probably my absolute favorite look. I was watching both the top and the bottoms for months before I brought it. I knew that when I wore it, it had to be for a major special event. I wore it when I worked the ESSENCE Festival Starz Reception. And, I'm also announcing something major in this post. 

But, before I announce it, let me give you some insight on this outfit. Off-the-shoulder tops and reworked shirts are my summer obsession. I know you guys probably think that I say everything is my obsession. I'll admit I do have a lot, but what do you expect from a fashion aficionado? I got this entire look from Zara, one of my favorite places to shop. The top is almost sold out, but it's on sale here

Now, these floral pants?! I'm in love. They're so comfortable, and they fit bomb. I also brought them from Zara. Unfortunately, they're sold out online but I have seen them in the stores still. My favorite part about this look was the way the yellow top pulled out the yellow in the pants. There is so much color going on and it could have easily been lost, but I styled in it the best way possible. I also tied in the pink with my shades

This look also screams happiness to me! Because of that I wanted to make an official announcement here. I'm constantly asked where am I going next. I've worked with a lot of major brands that I am thankful for and I am currently interning with Fashion Bomb Daily. But, starting August 2 I will be taking my talents to InStyle Magazine! You heard it here first.

I'm really excited for this next stepping stone in my career. It's a position I wanted bad, but I stayed quiet about it. One thing that stuck with me the most in my interview was my interviewer saying that I looked like the management/boss type. The fact that she could feel my energy, and know what type of person I was from just sitting in a room for a few minutes meant so much. 

Exactly a week before I got the amazing news, I was slowly sinking into a huge sadness  because I'm not where I want to be. But, I had to pick my head up and reevaluate everything that I've done. In due timing everything will fall into place. I hope my testimony can inspire one of you. When you work hard and beam with positive energy at all time, the universe will reward you. 

As always, my brand is #1 to me, so my hope is that with more experience under my belt I can continue to motivate and inspire you all on new heights! 



NOLA Style: Shorts Suit

If you've been following my social media then you know I recently was in New Orleans for Essence Festival for the past 5 days. I went to work, but it was my first time in NOLA and at the festival so I tried to split my time up evenly. On Friday, the first official day of the festival, I worked an event all day, then I went to the Girls Trip movie premiere, and then spontaneously I went to Diana Ross' concert. I had this suit that I've been holding on to for some time and that day felt like the perfect time to wear it. 

Suits are a major staple in my closet and a huge part of my style. Pantsuits are usually my forté, but I wanted to try a short set for the summer. This look served every bit of life necessary on those hot NOLA streets. I found the suit at H&M, the shorts are still in stock, but sadly the blazer is sold out. Wearing this outfit reminded me of how far I've come. How I used to hold myself back from dressing how I really wanted to, because of my body. Now, I will throw shorts on and strut the streets confidently, because I know that my body is in it's progressing stages. 

I took these photos on Canal Street, which is where I stayed in NOLA and spent a lot of time. I was obsessed with the palm trees and trolleys. It reminded me of a mini Vegas for some reason. A recap of my work experience and of the festival will be coming later this week. 

What do you think of this suit? Would you buy a shorts pantsuit?

What I love most about it is that is has that 'BOSS' feel. Everyone knows I love to walk in a room and have a certain energy coming with me, and this suit does that for me. My shades are from a stand in NYC that I picked up, but my new obsession is rimless shades. Here are a similar pair. A short suit look is bomb for day parties, special events or even work if the shorts are the right length. Speaking of work I have a huge announcement. Stay tuned to the blog this week to hear about where I'll be taking my talents next.



The Track Pant Trend

There are definitely some trends that appeal to me more than others. This Spring/Summer season those trends are re-worked shirts and wide leg track pants. I have yet to do a post with a re-worked shirt, that'll come before summer's out. Today, I want to talk about the track pant trend. When I first heard about it I automatically thought about the black and white Adidas pants that I saw almost everyday in high school. But, as I saw the trend grow I realized it was going beyond the athleisure look. Funny enough, I never used to wear pants when I was younger. If it wasn't a skirt or a dress I wasn't wearing it. Recently, pants have been my go-to— track pants specifically. 

I think the trend is cute. There are a lot of different colors on the market, and there are a lot of different ways to wear it. I decided to style mine with a mesh feathered top which gave the look enough detail without adding a blazer or jacket like I usually do. I got these pants a little over a year ago in H&M, when I found them I got them in 3 different colors. Navy + Red, White + Navy and White + Black stripes. I also have a similar black and red pair from Zara. 

Accessorizing minimally, but correctly was my focus with this look. Since the shirt is an accessory itself, I just added some shades (my staple). This cute little bag is from Marshall's, I got it for $15 around the holiday season. Here's a similar Tory Burch one.  It matched the pants perfectly so I had to wear it with this look. My white pumps are my most uncomfortable pair of heels in my closet, but we make it work. They are a few years old from Aldo. 

Shop The Trend

Black - Forever 21 

Pale Pink - ASOS

White - Neiman Marcus

Blue - BooHoo

Red - A'Gaci 

Incorporate a track pant/ wide leg pant look into one of your summer looks for brunch, a day party, or even work when styled right! 

Authenticity + The Importance of It

"Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity." - Coco Chanel

Authenticity is so important because fake fades

AUTHENTIC — I saw this dress hanging solo in a corner at one of my favorite H&M locations and I knew I had to have it. Not because it looked like it fit nice, not because it was a pretty color, but because the one word, AUTHENTIC stood out to me.

I often get asked advice on starting a blog or any brand and the first thing I always tell people is to be authentic, be true to yourself. Even when you're looking for a job and you're in an interview, be 100% you because that's who they want.

I recently saw a post on Instagram and it read, "People don't buy products, they buy people." What it's saying is, consumers buy off of the person who is selling to them. When you're genuine and true to you, if you start a business half of your struggles are out the way because your authenticity make you likable. That doesn't mean you won't have to push sales like any other brand or market your product well, but it simply means be real and keep it 100. 

Authenticity is so important because fake fades. It's as simple as that. When you try to be someone/something you're not it shows, it may seem real at first but it's a matter of time before the real you comes out. If the real you is someone that has a roller coaster of a journey in any aspect of life, don't be afraid to show that. Transparency is key. How long can you honestly keep up a facade? 

So, when I wear this dress I wear it for my real authentic women, body included (don't get me started on that). Be you, dance through your troubles, and smile through your journey — it is okay! Show people your authentic self, for you because at the end of the day that's who matters. 

I styled this dress with my new favorite Zara slides, that you will probably be seeing all summer. I threw an old Zara blazer on, it's a few seasons old. And, I found this small yellow bag in Marshall's when I was in Las Vegas.


The Proper Slay on Vacay

I always say that I will highlight my vacation looks, and I never get the chance to. However, this time here it is! I spent a few days in Nassau, Bahamas celebrating my mom's birthday/ graduation and I had to celebrate the occasions on the island with a proper slay. I'm huge on bathing suits, I buy new ones almost every vacation and I always get asked where I buy them. I'm extremely busty so I have to be careful with how I choose swimsuits. Luckily, for this vacation I had some perfect ones that fit just fine. 

Another thing about vacation wear is that I never splurge too much. I splurge on everyday attire, but I stay on a budget for my island slay. That is until I'm living the lavish life and I can stroll the beach in Gucci cover ups and designer bathing suits, but for now vacation style on a budget it is. None of my pieces were over $40.

Vacation is a great time to be relaxed and stress-free. There isn't a need for too much when it comes to clothing, a few colorful pieces and you're good to go. There are a lot of different vacation styles. My vacay style is either tight and clinching my waist or graceful and flowing in the wind. There's no in between and my outfits clearly show that. All of my Bahamas looks are as follows: 

The Casual Slay

My first day on the resort I didn't want to get in the water, so I went to lunch with my mom and sat on the side as she swam in the pool. I wore a top to an old bathing suit which you ladies seemed to love, and I paired it with some denim shorts and my new floral headband. 


Beach Day 

The second day I brought out of my favorite cover ups that I found on ASOS. It clinches at the waist and went perfect over my black bikini. It can also be worn during the summer with some shorts and a crop top. I'll definitely be wearing this as apart of an outfit. It's sold out on ASOS, but I tagged a similar one. 

The Sarong

This outfit was a favorite of mine and a lot of others. It got so many compliments on the resort, and believe it or not this top was the most comfortable because I wasn't popping out of it every 2 seconds. I wore the bottoms to the red bathing suit tagged above and paired it with an ASOS striped top and ASOS sarong. The sarong comes in a lot of colors, I definitely recommend that for an easy and cute beach look. 


Red Sarong Cover-up

Striped Bikini Top 

The Dress

This dress is without a doubt my new favorite item in my closet. It's colorful, stylish, and comfortable. The colors complemented my tanned skin so well and I absolutely love the bow detailing on it. This dress is perfect for not only vacation, but a summer cookout, a date, or even a day party. Don't be surprised if you see this dress come out once a month this summer. I wore it with some Aldo sandals I got almost 4 years ago.

Cut-Out Swimsuit

I brought this swimsuit back in March for my Spring Break and I am still obsessed with it. At first, I was nervous because with my hips I didn't think the cut-outs would look good on me, but to my surprise these bottoms are actually one of my best fitting. The top was sold completely separate, but they still manage to complement each other very well. I was wearing my Nike hat because by this day I was over it all! The printed bottoms I wore are sold out, but I tagged the style. They are sold in a lot of colors. 


I wore my Tory Burch flip flops with all my bathing suits. They're my go-to vacation shoes. These are a few seasons old, but here are the current season flip flops. 



I hope these looks can inspire some of your upcoming vacation slays or just beachwear in general, especially for my girls with curves. 





So Long, Winter 2016-17

I know it's been a while since I've posted a style look for you all, but this winter I spent two weeks working New York Fashion Week. As exciting as it was it pushed me way back in my school work, which unfortunately cut into my blog time. As my semester settles down and graduation grows nearer, I look forward to bringing a lot more style content to the Asia Milia brand when I'm back in New York for good!

But, enough about my life! I wore this outfit to brunch this past weekend in New York. It was the perfect look for the cold city streets. But, as soon as I got back to Virginia the weather switched up from cold to warm. So, this look marks the end of my favorite fashion season, winter. I wish that I would've shared more of my winter looks, but l tried to post as many as possible to my Instagram. 

I've been excited to wear this sheer camo shirt since I found it at Zara in Aruba. I'm obsessed with bright colors mixed with camouflage prints, so I paired the top with my BCBG puffer orange coat, which happened to be my winter go-to coat. It was a chilly day, so I wore some denim jeans and my olive booties. This was one of my favorite winter looks this year because it was so different. Most of my winter looks were a mixture of faux fur, my favorite shades and some clothes in between. 

In honor of this being my "So Long, Winter" post, I'm celebrating springtime and my time to blossom! The colder months were fun, full of my fur and fabulous dark shades, but now it's time to bring out my colorful looks and show a little more skin. So, #HappySpring ladies, let's blossom! 


Shop My Look! Orange Puffer Coat: BCBG (Similar) Camo Shirt: Zara Jeans: H&M Booties: Public Desire (Sold Out) Bag: Zara Shades: Target (Similar)   Xoxo,  Your Favorite Girl Boss Asia Milia 

Shop My Look!

Orange Puffer Coat: BCBG (Similar)

Camo Shirt: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Booties: Public Desire (Sold Out)

Bag: Zara

Shades: Target (Similar)



 Your Favorite Girl Boss

Asia Milia 

It's My 21st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! I am finally 21. I know a lot of you are probably saying, "What?! She's been 20 all this time?!" Yes, I have been — I'm a baby, but this baby is a boss. 20 was a good age for me, a GREAT age for me. I had my first articles published on, I had the most amazing internship at Hot 97, I started my blog, I learned how to love correctly, and I found the inner boss in me. I only expect greater things from 21, besides being able to go to happy hour with my friends and finally use my own ID. My mindset about everything changed at 20, but I learned so much. So, in honor of my 21st birthday, here are 21 things I learned at 20. 

1. Being considerate of people and their feelings.

2. Not allowing others to influence my actions, especially ones that will harm me in the long run. 

3. The world does not revolve around Asia.

4. Everyone close to you isn't always in your corner, sometimes they're praying for your downfall.

5. It's possible to work hard without overworking yourself. 

6. Health comes first over everything. 

7. My mother really sacrifices a lot for me, a lot

8. Working for free pays off. 

9. It's okay to be different from the rest. 

10. Think long-term, not always "in the moment."

11. Strong friendship foundations are important.

12. Everything doesn't need a reaction. (Although the Southside Jamaica, Queens in me often tries to tell me otherwise).

13. Speak up. 

14. Sometimes you have to lose to win. 

5. I can do it all, and I will. 

16. Don't take people for granted, especially people that mean a lot to you. 

17. Taking trips is therapeutic. 

18. When you feel like giving up, that's the moment you need to go harder. 

19. Social media takes up too much of my life, and I need to take a few steps back. 

20. Don't modify your actions to make someone else happy.

21. Balance truly is key. 

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes in advance. And, to everyone that truly had an impact on me in the past 365 days, Thank you.

Mommy, Malique, Shay, Lani, Marshea, Mya, Sharisse, and all of my family and supporters. I love you guys so much. I'm so excited to see what 21 brings me!


Dress: ASOS

Fall Look Book

I've been a little MIA lately for a few reasons that I may or may not share later in an article. I just had to take a step back from social media for my own health, I said I would take a hiatus for the remainder of 2016, but that was a lie. I'll probably be consistently back next week when my semester is over, I just really needed a reset.

However, even though I haven't been active much on social media that doesn't mean I haven't been working — that doesn't even sound like me, does it? This semester I was in a Rhetoric and Social Media class and for my final exam with the help of Poised Productions, I curated a Fall Look Book, my first of many look books. But, I need your help, I need to know which outfit is your favorite because there is research that is going into this assignment, so comment under my Instagram page and tell me OR you can vote in the poll right under the video! 

I'll be back soon. Hope you like the video! And, thank you for your votes. 


Asia Milia


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Happy thanksgiving 2016 ❣️🦃

This year for the first time in my life I'm not spending Thanksgiving in New York. I'm spending it in Virginia since it's my last one here with my mom, cousin, best friend, her mom, and little sister. I'm used to being around all of my family, staying up, playing Taboo, being the only one dressed in full faux fur, and joking around having family time. Thanksgiving is a time to really give thanks to everything we have in our lives and to give back, but I am thankful everyday and my brand is all about giving back to women. I'm thankful for my family, my true supporters, my close friends, and all of my opportunities and experiences, which have molded me into the Asia Milia I am today.

 With this outfit I wanted to represent one group that can cover everyone I am truly thankful for– black women. When I found this shirt that said, "Black Girls Are Lit," I knew I had to have it, because I am all for praising my fellow #BlackGirlMagic bosses. This is a t-shirt, but we all know I couldn’t wear this without adding my own Fall style. It’s almost a tradition for me to incorporate faux fur into my look every Thanksgiving, so this year I put one of my vests on top of my faux leather jacket. One of my favorite pieces for the Fall that I added to this look is my thigh-high boots, thick thighs and all! I was going to wear the t-shirt as a dress because I ordered it a few sizes too big, but I wore my denim skirt for a little more edginess. I’m used to it being much colder on Thanksgiving, but I’m not complaining because I still got to wear some key Fall pieces.

 But, to all of my black queens winning, you are lit, here are 5 reasons I am thankful for you....

1.     We uplift each other

The key to being empowered and winning is truly by uplifting the next woman. I posted something the other week that said, “I never had to dim another women’s light for mine to shine,” and that is so true. Why talk down on another woman or dim another woman’s light? Uplifting each other is truly what helps us keep winning. I love supporting one another, and I love seeing one woman win and reach down to help the next.

2.     We are the fastest growing entrepreneurs in America

According to Fortune, the number of businesses owned by African American women grew 322% since 1997. To be an entrepreneur, it takes so much responsibility and you have to truly fight the odds against you. It is truly a great time to be a black woman in America and it is so inspiring to be your own boss thanks to the women who are paving the way.

3.     We are a double minority and still break barriers

African American and a woman. They don’t want us to win, but we still break barriers. We still are CEO’s, COO’s, hold degrees, and more. We are the epitome of black excellence, and I love us for that.

4.     We don’t need men to validate us

We wear special crowns and we don’t ever need a man or anyone else to validate that. I love seeing queens know that they are in fact a queen and they don’t need anyone to crown them to make them feel any better than they are.

5.     We are naturally beautiful

The hips, the curves, the facial features, everything—we are naturally beautiful and deserve to be recognized for it. We love and embrace our curves and everything else that comes with being a beautiful black woman.

 I love women of all races, but today I wanted to recognize my black women because we deserve it, and we are in fact lit! I love y’all, and Happy Thanksgiving! 


Shirt, All Dem Shades Skirt, New York & Company (Similar) Boots, Urbanog Jacket, H&M Fur Vest, H&M (Similar)

Shirt, All Dem Shades

Skirt, New York & Company (Similar)

Boots, Urbanog

Jacket, H&M

Fur Vest, H&M (Similar)

LBD X Faux Fur

The weather clearly has been playing with our lives, because it's going to be December in the blink of an eye and I still see 70° temperatures on the forecast. I'm not asking for it to jump to 10°, but sheesh, can we actually have Fall? I just hope that I can actually layer up with some fur and winter pieces during my winter break in New York. 

Despite the weather playing games, I still managed to incorporate faux fur, one of my favorite fall statements, in this look. This time, it's not a fur stole, or vest, but it's on my shoes! These little furry booties are the most fun and comfortable fall shoe and definitely don't require much from the outfit, because they are the outfit! A basic Little Black Dress (LBD) with the perfect detailing is perfect for these statement shoes. I love this dress because it has classy sex appeal, I don't know if that's a thing, but if not, then now it is. The off-the-shoulder look is one that I've been obsessing over since the summer time  something about the collar bone just gets me. In addition to the off-the-shoulder look, this dress has side slits. When I brought the dress, I was buying it for the off-the-shoulder look, but when I saw it also has side slits there was no way I could leave it in the store!

Usually, when I wear all black I feel basic and not like the Asia Milia that we all know, but this look was different. 

The details of the dress truly made me fall in love with the look, and the black necklace that I paired with it put the icing on the cake! So, I guess I'm benefiting a little from this nice Fall weather, because I get to wear things like my furry shoes and sexy off-the-shoulder dresses, but now I'm over it — I'm ready for my Winter Wonderland. 

Outfit Details

-Dress, H&M

-Necklace, H&M (Similar)

-Shoes, DSW (Similar)

Pantsuit Aficionado

I saw a joke on Twitter the night before the election that if Hillary was elected that pantsuits would be mandatory, and I realized I had no problem with that at all. Here I am, back at it again with a pant suit, but this time I changed it up a little. For the Brown Women In Media Brunch I was honored at 2 weekends ago I wanted to stand out and I knew this burgundy suit and faux fur stole would do the trick. 

This year I think I found a major love for pant suits and I think they are going to eventually become my staple look. I feel classy and chic, and I love that I can truly make them my own. This burgundy pantsuit is my favorite one right now, and I added the fur stole to give it the true Asia Milia look. Faux fur is consistent throughout my fall fashion, I accessorize with it and automatically feel confident walking in the room. I usually don't like bootcut pants, but the fit of these are perfect. 

I originally planned to wear this with my black pumps, but I just so happened to leave them in Virginia when I was packing to go to New York so my beige pumps had to work. I snagged my best friend's beige Pour La Victoria bag and put the look together. I actually think I like how the beige looks better, especially with the necklace. 

Also, I dedicate this post to Hillary Clinton, everyone has their own opinions about her, but my girl slayed pantsuits all during the race for the White House. To any women or minorities feeling discouraged by our newly elected president, just use that as motivation to go harder. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, "We gon' be alright!" 

Stay tuned to more pantsuits with my Asia Milia twist, who says a suit has to be boring?!

Outfit Details -Pants, JCP -Blazer, JCP  -Faux Fur Stole, BooHoo (Similar)  -Blouse, Banana Republic (Similar) -Pumps, Steve Madden -Bag, Pour La Victoire (Similar) -Necklace, H&M  

Outfit Details

-Pants, JCP

-Blazer, JCP 

-Faux Fur Stole, BooHoo (Similar

-Blouse, Banana Republic (Similar)

-Pumps, Steve Madden

-Bag, Pour La Victoire (Similar)



Yeezy Taught Me?

I don't share my music preferences too much, but did you know Kanye was one of my favorite rappers? Not because of his music, but I love his personality. Kanye loves himself and I'm all for it, he's lit and he knows it. I live by the quote, "Humble, with a hint of Kanye," because I think everyone should have that balance. 

Anyways, besides his sometimes arrogant personality and his music Kanye is a trend setter, and he turned his wife, Kim Kardashian into one too. I'm obsessed with Kim, too -- that's another story. I always seem to like the people that everyone doesn't like, but I like to think I see the good in people and not what's put out about them. Kanye's clothing line has influenced fashion in numerous ways, from over-the-knee boots, to nudes, to distressed clothing. I don't know what it was, but when I put these boots on I automatically felt Yeezy-inspired. The color hues of this outfit made me feel Kim, not to mention the tight fit of this ribbed dress on my curves.

I put a "?" in my title because I don't think I would say Yeezy taught me, he just inspired me. I teach myself, but inspiration is necessary sometimes in fashion. Inspiration is different than copying although there may seem like a thin line between the two. Whether it is fashion, your personal brand, or anything else always remember that it is okay to be inspired and seek inspiration, but be original. So, no Yeezy didn't teach me, but it was cool to change it up for once and put on a Yeezy inspired outfit. I may have to do a few more inspired looks before Fall ends.  

Outfit Details - Duster, BooHoo -Ribbed Turtleneck Dress, H&M (Similar) -Boots, Ego Official

Outfit Details

Duster, BooHoo

-Ribbed Turtleneck Dress, H&M (Similar)

-Boots, Ego Official

DSC_0566 (1).jpg

Welcoming Fall with a Bomber and Booties

I think it's safe to say fall has finally hit in Virginia, and I was eager to break some fashion "rules." Don't wear white after labor day? Well, I was proud to bring out my cropped white bomber for the first time this season. I was never really into the wearing white thing, I do what I want. My white Fashion Nova bomber and fringe booties were the key pieces to this look. My fall style entails a lot of blazers, furs, trench coats, and leatherbut, before I brought those out I wanted to have a little fun with a non-typical #AsiaMilia look. 

Midi skirts are another addiction of mine, even though it's not so "midi" anymore. I enjoy taking them and doing something different. With all of the colors in the skirt I decided to tone it down with my solid green shirt. The shirt and the booties brought together the midi skirt and bomber. These boots are about to be my fall obsession, but only when I have one class because they're the most uncomfortable shoe I've ever put on my feet. I've had enough fun being different, but November's a few days away, the weather has finally dropped, and I'll be in New York in a few days so the fall fashion is about to be ON!

Outfit Details -Bomber, Fashion Nova, (Similar) -Booties, Public Desire (Similar) -Metallic Tee, Banana Republic (Similar) -Midi Skirt, BooHoo (Sold Out)                                                                                                     Photos Courtesy of Nigil C. Photography

Outfit Details

-Bomber, Fashion Nova, (Similar)

-Booties, Public Desire (Similar)

-Metallic Tee, Banana Republic (Similar)

-Midi Skirt, BooHoo (Sold Out)

                                                                                                    Photos Courtesy of Nigil C. Photography