The Best Advice I Got in 2017 From Industry Moguls, Friends, Myself and More!

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Can you believe it's the last Friday of 2017? Wow is all I can say. It's been such an amazing year for me and today I'm reflecting on all of the great blessings that have fell into my lap as a result of my grind. In addition to the opportunities that have came out of this year, I've gotten a lot of amazing advice that I've applied to my life and plan to apply even more in 2018. 

It's only right that I share the knowledge, so to end the year off on the right note I wanted to share the top 7 pieces of advice I got from fashion industry moguls and mentors in my life. I hope these sit with you just as well as they continue to sit with me. 

1. Be Specific when setting your goals -Claire Sulmers (Editor-In-Chief Fashion Bomb Daily)

I think this was the best advice I've heard all year, Claire stressed that when you set goals don't be vague. Say exactly how you picture your life, the amount of money you see yourself with, the car you want to drive, the house you want to live in. Be specific in your vision and it'll lead you down the clearest path to achieve those goals. 


2. Just show up -Laura Brown (Editor In Chief InStyle Magazine)

Most of you know I work with Laura and her assistant as my 9-5 job, and one perk is that I get to get advice from the head boss! One thing I've heard Laura say over and over again is just show up! I've applied this to life—sometimes I'm super tired and don't want to drag myself to an event and I hear "Show Up" in the back of my head. Whatever it is, just show up you don't know what may happen that can change your life or who you can meet that can change your life. Show up and let your life do the talking.

3. Sometimes it's the more menial things that get you furthest -Laura Brown

Another Laura hit— "get the lunch." I remember the first time I heard her say that. It was my first week at InStyle and she had a chat at Barnes & Noble for people to come ask her questions. She told the crowd that the more menial things is sometimes what gets you in good with the bossget the lunch. While getting the lunch can be a symbol for other things in other industries, I do actually get the lunch every single day. But, what Laura is saying is do the dirty work, do the not so fun things and the fun will gravitate towards you. 


4. If you wait for the right time to start you'll be waiting forever, the right time never comes -Cocktails With Claire panelist

I can't remember exactly who said this, but I do remember that it resonated with me. He said the time will never be right, and if you keep waiting it'll never come. Go for it! Apply that to whatever it is you need to in 2018. The right time will never come, you'll always need more of something, just do it! 

5. If you don't ask you won't get it.

This has actually been repeated to me so many times I can't even label it with a name. I've had mentors and friends instill in my head that no one can read your mind, you must speak up and ask for what you want. This year, I put my pride aside and simply asked for what I wanted and I got most of it, if not all. Don't be afraid to ask. Put your fear and your pride aside if you want to reach the next level of success. 


6. If you're thinking twice about doing something that'll be beneficial to you, do it! -Asia Milia

Is it crazy that I'm quoting myself? I hope not! I had to tell myself this in order to make a huge decision this year. When I took that trip to NOLA all alone, I thought twice so many times. At the end of the day, if something is going to be beneficial to you and bring opportunity book the flight, figure it out and have fun. It was the best decision I made all 2017 and I don't regret it at all. 

7. If you were there, you were supposed to be there -Audrey

One of my blogger friends, Audrey woke me up with this piece of advice. I was going on and on about how I was at the Phillip Plein fashion show, which is one of the biggest shows of NYFW and it is a star-studded occasion. I remember saying I felt like I shouldn't be there and she reassured me. I never doubted myself in a room again. If you're amongst celebs or industry moguls and you have a seat at the table you're supposed to be there and don't doubt yourself. 


I hope you all had an amazing year, I really did and I thank you for your support and following my journey. I wish you a happy and healthy 2018 and I pray that the wins that you've worked for and the seeds you've planted fully blossom in the new year ahead of us. 

Now, I'm off to turn up with my best friends for NYE weekend! 



Asia Milia 

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