7 Thigh Highs Boots That Actually Work For Thick Thighs

We all know #ThickThighsSaveLives right? Kind of. Everyone wants to be thick until they can’t step out in a hot pair of thigh highs for the fall and winter. I’ve searched for YEARS for a pair that were equally comfortable and fitting for my calves and thighs, and I finally found a pair this year. Last year I purchased 2 solid color thigh highs from Aldo, but I wasn’t exactly a fan of how the elastic material hugged my thighs. I know I’m not alone in this search, so I wanted to help some of you ladies out! Here are 7 thigh high boots that will actually fit you if you are thicker than a snicker!


I found these at Twelve AM Co., a woman and black-owned business based out of LA. What I love most about them is that they are flattering, a lot thigh highs that “fit” aren’t always flattering. It’s not cute when a boot is suffocating the leg, but these have an open back and the heel is comfortable. They’re sold out where I purchased them, but I’m searching for a similar pair to share with you ladies. I’ll update as soon as I find them.


If you didn’t know, Jennifer Le not only designs dope furs, but she also designs footwear that’ll give you all the shoegasms! Her gold studded 2BD X CAIMAN thigh high boots are wide calf-friendly and are dually stylish. Retailing at $449, they are a bit pricey but definitely worth the splurge if you have the coins or want to treat yourself. The lambskin leather lined boots are also top quality, so they’re an investment that could live in your closet for years.


LaQuan Smith is one of my favorite designers – I’m bias because he’s from Queens like me, but he’s a humble designer and knows how to throw what has become my favorite show during New York Fashion Week. His designs are beloved by celebs including Beyoncé, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and more. Last month his LaQuan Smith x ASOS collection launched on ASOS.com featuring plaids, his signature sheer designs, camo, and loads of other prints. One of the camo pieces included in the capsule were these padded camo thigh-highs. The laces allow you to open up the boot a bit wider to fit any size legs. These are so bomb!


I’m always here for a slouchy boot! Something about these remind me of the signature Y Project oversized boots, but these are by Public Desire. If you don’t want to break the bank too much, but still want a stylish boot this is perfect. The slouchy design is also more flattering for a bigger thigh. They’re available on ASOS.


Aldo can be a hit or miss when finding the right style that will go past the ankle. I purchased 2 pair of thigh-highs from them last season and although they fit and were comfortable, it looked like my thighs were suffocating depending on what I paired them with. This season their Fraresa boot is all the rave if you don’t have a size 2 calf and thigh, and they’re on sale here!


If you’re not into wearing heels then there are always thigh high flats. Stuart Weiztman is known for their signature over-the-knee suede boot in multiple colors. The design has been copied and remade by many, but the original boot has a stretch made for thighs thick in size! This boot is a super splurge, but the style can be found at almost any store with shoes from DSW to Bloomingdales!


Another flat boot! Zara is my go-to store for most of my clothes, but they also have some bomb shoes. These studded babies are perfect a flat thigh high for work or a casual day. They are super stretchy (I tested them in store) and can be paired with almost anything. Shop for them here!