Welcoming Fall with a Bomber and Booties

I think it's safe to say fall has finally hit in Virginia, and I was eager to break some fashion "rules." Don't wear white after labor day? Well, I was proud to bring out my cropped white bomber for the first time this season. I was never really into the wearing white thing, I do what I want. My white Fashion Nova bomber and fringe booties were the key pieces to this look. My fall style entails a lot of blazers, furs, trench coats, and leatherbut, before I brought those out I wanted to have a little fun with a non-typical #AsiaMilia look. 

Midi skirts are another addiction of mine, even though it's not so "midi" anymore. I enjoy taking them and doing something different. With all of the colors in the skirt I decided to tone it down with my solid green shirt. The shirt and the booties brought together the midi skirt and bomber. These boots are about to be my fall obsession, but only when I have one class because they're the most uncomfortable shoe I've ever put on my feet. I've had enough fun being different, but November's a few days away, the weather has finally dropped, and I'll be in New York in a few days so the fall fashion is about to be ON!

Outfit Details   -Bomber, Fashion Nova, ( Similar)   -Booties, Public Desire ( Similar )  -Metallic Tee, Banana Republic ( Similar )  -Midi Skirt, BooHoo (Sold Out)                                                                                                       Photos Courtesy of Nigil C. Photography

Outfit Details

-Bomber, Fashion Nova, (Similar)

-Booties, Public Desire (Similar)

-Metallic Tee, Banana Republic (Similar)

-Midi Skirt, BooHoo (Sold Out)

                                                                                                    Photos Courtesy of Nigil C. Photography