A Seat At The Table: Recap of Seamore’s #InstaMeetUp Brunch

If I had to think of 3 words to describe what I felt this past weekend it would be: magical, inspired and high. I know high probably threw you way off. But, yes— HIGH! High off of the energy that surrounded me, inspired by the amazing women I met, and magical because my weekend was just that— magic! I attended a brunch Instagram and my friend/blogger Micaela put together. We were hosted by Seamore’s and the theme was #kindcomments, chosen by Instagram for their annual campaign.


We laughed, we drank, we ate, we shared kind comments with one another, and of course, we took pictures; lots of them. In the midst of New York Fashion Week this brunch was what I needed.


Every woman that attended this brunch inspired me in some way, shape or form. I sat to myself and said, “Wow, I really have a seat at this table.” To be amongst such amazing people I felt honored! There need to be more events like this. There was no gossip and there was no shade. We sipped mimosas, shared compliments, talked about goals, and everything in between.


I got to speak with some ladies more than others because we were sitting next to each other and one of those ladies was stylist and designer, Sky Conner. Something she said in our conversation that resonated with me was “Have ownership—Some people aren’t meant to be entrepreneurs, but whatever you do have ownership there.”  Checkpoint! Ownership. When you own something there’s a different meaning to your lifestyle. I say all this to say that I have 50 million things that I do, but my end goal is ownership and I want you all to think about that as well.


There were so many gems dropped. I wish I could share them all, but I hope you enjoy these pictures! Thank you Micaela for inviting me and allowing me to be so inspired. I was so honored to have a seat at the table. 


Stay tuned to my Fashion Week recap later this week!


Asia Milia

Your favorite Girl Boss