Authenticity + The Importance of It

"Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity." - Coco Chanel

Authenticity is so important because fake fades

AUTHENTIC — I saw this dress hanging solo in a corner at one of my favorite H&M locations and I knew I had to have it. Not because it looked like it fit nice, not because it was a pretty color, but because the one word, AUTHENTIC stood out to me.

I often get asked advice on starting a blog or any brand and the first thing I always tell people is to be authentic, be true to yourself. Even when you're looking for a job and you're in an interview, be 100% you because that's who they want.

I recently saw a post on Instagram and it read, "People don't buy products, they buy people." What it's saying is, consumers buy off of the person who is selling to them. When you're genuine and true to you, if you start a business half of your struggles are out the way because your authenticity make you likable. That doesn't mean you won't have to push sales like any other brand or market your product well, but it simply means be real and keep it 100. 

Authenticity is so important because fake fades. It's as simple as that. When you try to be someone/something you're not it shows, it may seem real at first but it's a matter of time before the real you comes out. If the real you is someone that has a roller coaster of a journey in any aspect of life, don't be afraid to show that. Transparency is key. How long can you honestly keep up a facade? 

So, when I wear this dress I wear it for my real authentic women, body included (don't get me started on that). Be you, dance through your troubles, and smile through your journey — it is okay! Show people your authentic self, for you because at the end of the day that's who matters. 

I styled this dress with my new favorite Zara slides, that you will probably be seeing all summer. I threw an old Zara blazer on, it's a few seasons old. And, I found this small yellow bag in Marshall's when I was in Las Vegas.