Be Extra, Stand Out, Make Statements

Happy Monday! 

It's my last day working for 2017—well, it's my last day in the InStyle office for 2017 because we know the grind never stops. So, today I reflect. As most of you know, last week was an amazing week for me, as my story was the lead article on It was about faux fur and what it means to me, how I originally wore it to cover up insecurities and how it is not an extra confidence booster for me. My new fur coat from Red Factory Boutique that I am wearing in these photos sparked something else into me I wanted to share. 


The first time I wore it I got so many compliments, and I also got the "You're so extra Asia, but I love it," comments. And, my response was and always is, "Yes, I'm extra af because why not?" 

It also made me realize that being extra is deeper than the clothes you wear, you have to be extra in life. You must show out and go the extra mile in life because doing the bare minimum will limit you. I know I give this advice all the time, but I truly mean it, you HAVE to be extra. Everything I've accomplished thus far in my career was from me stepping outside of what was asked of me and doing more.


Think about it— if everyone around you is doing just enough wouldn't you stand out by going the extra mile that requires more effort? Some people think that wearing heels in a room full of flats will make them stand out, others may feel that if they have a beat face they'll stand out. But, the reality is while all of that is true you have to think outside of the box.


When I say be extra I mean work while everyone else sleeps, show up early, stay late, do 5x's more than what's asked of you. Be exceptional and outstanding. All of these "extra" things will contribute to your success in the long run, I promise. Still wear your heels and beat your face, but remember that the extra credit work you put in behind the scenes is what will speak even louder than your physical attributes. 


Happy Holidays, girl bosses! 


Asia Milia

I'm wearing a Red Factory coat (Thanks to the girl boss who runs the show over there) and Aldo thigh highs


Photos by Jennelle Gordon