I Discovered I’m a Workaholic— Does A Balance Exist?

This piece has been sitting on my heart for a little over two month, but due to work (oh, the irony!), I haven’t been able to write it up. It came to me when one of my best friend’s Marshea was in town to celebrate Tolani’s (another best friend) birthday. We hit the streets and were ready for some much needed girl time that we barely ever get due to our schedules and the distance between us. After spending the day at the Louis Vuitton exhibit, going out to lunch and ending the night at a hookah lounge I realized I was on my phone a lot. Not because I didn’t care about what we were doing, but I was constantly searching for content for Fashion Bomb Kids, I was constantly checking my e-mails, Fashion Bomb Daily group chat, etc.


They didn’t say anything then, but a few weeks later before I left for vacation I text them with a sudden realization. “Guys, I think I’m a workaholic,” I said with some sadness. I was on a flight to Mexico writing emails, setting meetings for when I came back, writing articles, doing transcriptions, filling out applications— I was doing it all with my couple of hours of wi-fi on the plane. I had to stop for a second and ask myself why I couldn’t just chill?



When I said this to them, they were completely real with me (as they always are) and I appreciated that. “You need to learn how to balance and differentiate [because] it gets annoying for friends you’re supposed to be having fun with,” Tolani said, while Marshea followed up in saying, “Yea even when we’re not with you we don't wanna hear that shit all day”. They were right. In a social media driven generation where all we see is the glamorization of working hard 24/7, it’s not realistic to have a strong work ethic, but not be mentally balanced.

I am a natural born hustler so my career goals and having a strong work ethic will always be at the top of my list, however so will balance.

I made it my duty to not do work as best as I could while I was on vacation and I pretty much succeeded to the best of my ability. I say all this to say, work hard, be hungry, be ambitious and work your ass off for what you want, but also don’t forget about the people that keep you grounded. There’s weeks I barely talk to my mom because I’m in and out the house and when I’m home I am so honed in on an assignment or reading something that I can barely have a 5 minute conversation. What fair is that to the people who love me most?

Best believe I am a natural born hustler so my career goals and having a strong work ethic will always be at the top of my list, however so will balance. Yours should too. Even if being a ‘workaholic’ isn’t an issue for you, find what you may be giving too much of in your life and find ways to cut back and learn a balance for your own personal health.


You guys know I’m all about getting to the bag, however I am also all about maintaining a healthy mindset and overworking myself isn’t the answer. Outworking those around me is a goal, but not overworking myself and there is a HUGE difference between the two.

In essence – focus, work hard, and give your all, but also remember to balance and give to the other parts of your life as much as you do your career if you truly want to flourish as a whole being.



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