Fall Look Book

I've been a little MIA lately for a few reasons that I may or may not share later in an article. I just had to take a step back from social media for my own health, I said I would take a hiatus for the remainder of 2016, but that was a lie. I'll probably be consistently back next week when my semester is over, I just really needed a reset.

However, even though I haven't been active much on social media that doesn't mean I haven't been working — that doesn't even sound like me, does it? This semester I was in a Rhetoric and Social Media class and for my final exam with the help of Poised Productions, I curated a Fall Look Book, my first of many look books. But, I need your help, I need to know which outfit is your favorite because there is research that is going into this assignment, so comment under my Instagram page and tell me OR you can vote in the poll right under the video! 

I'll be back soon. Hope you like the video! And, thank you for your votes. 


Asia Milia


Video by Poised Productions