Happy First Day of Fall!

I’m a winter baby so most people would probably think that’s my favorite season. Wrong! Like most fashion people, fall is my absolute favorite season, and today marks the start. The leaves change colors, the weather gets a tad bit chillier, and I can smell the holidays creeping around. I could care less about warm drinks and Halloween movies around this time of year, honestly. I’m more into changing my wardrobe over, finally wearing a face of makeup without feeling like I’m going to pass out and throwing on some thigh-high boots that can finally fit over these thick thighs.

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This is the first fall that I am back to living in New York which makes me really excited because for 4 years in Virginia I don’t think I ever got a legitimate fall. There’s something about fall in the city that I love, and I’m so ready to have my outfits scream “Fall In The City.” Chic furs (faux, of course until I’ve made it), different color leather jackets, booties— the list goes on and on. Just know that’s my vibe this whole season.


I felt like it was just right to throw on some fall colors for today. I very rarely wear all black ensembles, which is why I accessorized with this wide waist belt and fringe sandals. This belt might just be one of my new favorite accessories. Besides the fact that it is snatching my waist (I’ve also been going very hard in the gym), it is the perfect addition to a look that you’d like to add more depth too. The best part? It was only $19. Snag it here!

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These hints of burgundy have me crushing on fall colors. For anyone that doesn’t know, my favorite color changes every couple of months. For, summer it was yellow, but from this look alone I plan on making it burgundy or maybe even red. So, expect to see lots of that!

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Happy Autumn!


Asia Milia

What are you most excited about for this season? Tell me in the comments! 

Shoes: C Label

Belt: ASOS

Skirt (Similar): Express

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