Happy thanksgiving 2016 ❣️🦃

This year for the first time in my life I'm not spending Thanksgiving in New York. I'm spending it in Virginia since it's my last one here with my mom, cousin, best friend, her mom, and little sister. I'm used to being around all of my family, staying up, playing Taboo, being the only one dressed in full faux fur, and joking around having family time. Thanksgiving is a time to really give thanks to everything we have in our lives and to give back, but I am thankful everyday and my brand is all about giving back to women. I'm thankful for my family, my true supporters, my close friends, and all of my opportunities and experiences, which have molded me into the Asia Milia I am today.

 With this outfit I wanted to represent one group that can cover everyone I am truly thankful for– black women. When I found this shirt that said, "Black Girls Are Lit," I knew I had to have it, because I am all for praising my fellow #BlackGirlMagic bosses. This is a t-shirt, but we all know I couldn’t wear this without adding my own Fall style. It’s almost a tradition for me to incorporate faux fur into my look every Thanksgiving, so this year I put one of my vests on top of my faux leather jacket. One of my favorite pieces for the Fall that I added to this look is my thigh-high boots, thick thighs and all! I was going to wear the t-shirt as a dress because I ordered it a few sizes too big, but I wore my denim skirt for a little more edginess. I’m used to it being much colder on Thanksgiving, but I’m not complaining because I still got to wear some key Fall pieces.

 But, to all of my black queens winning, you are lit, here are 5 reasons I am thankful for you....

1.     We uplift each other

The key to being empowered and winning is truly by uplifting the next woman. I posted something the other week that said, “I never had to dim another women’s light for mine to shine,” and that is so true. Why talk down on another woman or dim another woman’s light? Uplifting each other is truly what helps us keep winning. I love supporting one another, and I love seeing one woman win and reach down to help the next.

2.     We are the fastest growing entrepreneurs in America

According to Fortune, the number of businesses owned by African American women grew 322% since 1997. To be an entrepreneur, it takes so much responsibility and you have to truly fight the odds against you. It is truly a great time to be a black woman in America and it is so inspiring to be your own boss thanks to the women who are paving the way.

3.     We are a double minority and still break barriers

African American and a woman. They don’t want us to win, but we still break barriers. We still are CEO’s, COO’s, hold degrees, and more. We are the epitome of black excellence, and I love us for that.

4.     We don’t need men to validate us

We wear special crowns and we don’t ever need a man or anyone else to validate that. I love seeing queens know that they are in fact a queen and they don’t need anyone to crown them to make them feel any better than they are.

5.     We are naturally beautiful

The hips, the curves, the facial features, everything—we are naturally beautiful and deserve to be recognized for it. We love and embrace our curves and everything else that comes with being a beautiful black woman.

 I love women of all races, but today I wanted to recognize my black women because we deserve it, and we are in fact lit! I love y’all, and Happy Thanksgiving! 


Shirt , All Dem Shades    Skirt, New York & Company ( Similar )     Boots , Urbanog     Jacket , H&M    Fur Vest, H&M ( Similar )

Shirt, All Dem Shades

Skirt, New York & Company (Similar)

Boots, Urbanog

Jacket, H&M

Fur Vest, H&M (Similar)