It's My 21st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! I am finally 21. I know a lot of you are probably saying, "What?! She's been 20 all this time?!" Yes, I have been — I'm a baby, but this baby is a boss. 20 was a good age for me, a GREAT age for me. I had my first articles published on, I had the most amazing internship at Hot 97, I started my blog, I learned how to love correctly, and I found the inner boss in me. I only expect greater things from 21, besides being able to go to happy hour with my friends and finally use my own ID. My mindset about everything changed at 20, but I learned so much. So, in honor of my 21st birthday, here are 21 things I learned at 20. 

1. Being considerate of people and their feelings.

2. Not allowing others to influence my actions, especially ones that will harm me in the long run. 

3. The world does not revolve around Asia.

4. Everyone close to you isn't always in your corner, sometimes they're praying for your downfall.

5. It's possible to work hard without overworking yourself. 

6. Health comes first over everything. 

7. My mother really sacrifices a lot for me, a lot

8. Working for free pays off. 

9. It's okay to be different from the rest. 

10. Think long-term, not always "in the moment."

11. Strong friendship foundations are important.

12. Everything doesn't need a reaction. (Although the Southside Jamaica, Queens in me often tries to tell me otherwise).

13. Speak up. 

14. Sometimes you have to lose to win. 

5. I can do it all, and I will. 

16. Don't take people for granted, especially people that mean a lot to you. 

17. Taking trips is therapeutic. 

18. When you feel like giving up, that's the moment you need to go harder. 

19. Social media takes up too much of my life, and I need to take a few steps back. 

20. Don't modify your actions to make someone else happy.

21. Balance truly is key. 

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes in advance. And, to everyone that truly had an impact on me in the past 365 days, Thank you.

Mommy, Malique, Shay, Lani, Marshea, Mya, Sharisse, and all of my family and supporters. I love you guys so much. I'm so excited to see what 21 brings me!


Dress: ASOS