NOLA Style: Off The Shoulder X Floral Pants + A Little Surprise

Hey, hey!

This look is probably my absolute favorite look. I was watching both the top and the bottoms for months before I brought it. I knew that when I wore it, it had to be for a major special event. I wore it when I worked the ESSENCE Festival Starz Reception. And, I'm also announcing something major in this post. 

But, before I announce it, let me give you some insight on this outfit. Off-the-shoulder tops and reworked shirts are my summer obsession. I know you guys probably think that I say everything is my obsession. I'll admit I do have a lot, but what do you expect from a fashion aficionado? I got this entire look from Zara, one of my favorite places to shop. The top is almost sold out, but it's on sale here

Now, these floral pants?! I'm in love. They're so comfortable, and they fit bomb. I also brought them from Zara. Unfortunately, they're sold out online but I have seen them in the stores still. My favorite part about this look was the way the yellow top pulled out the yellow in the pants. There is so much color going on and it could have easily been lost, but I styled in it the best way possible. I also tied in the pink with my shades

This look also screams happiness to me! Because of that I wanted to make an official announcement here. I'm constantly asked where am I going next. I've worked with a lot of major brands that I am thankful for and I am currently interning with Fashion Bomb Daily. But, starting August 2 I will be taking my talents to InStyle Magazine! You heard it here first.

I'm really excited for this next stepping stone in my career. It's a position I wanted bad, but I stayed quiet about it. One thing that stuck with me the most in my interview was my interviewer saying that I looked like the management/boss type. The fact that she could feel my energy, and know what type of person I was from just sitting in a room for a few minutes meant so much. 

Exactly a week before I got the amazing news, I was slowly sinking into a huge sadness  because I'm not where I want to be. But, I had to pick my head up and reevaluate everything that I've done. In due timing everything will fall into place. I hope my testimony can inspire one of you. When you work hard and beam with positive energy at all time, the universe will reward you. 

As always, my brand is #1 to me, so my hope is that with more experience under my belt I can continue to motivate and inspire you all on new heights!