Pantsuit Aficionado

I saw a joke on Twitter the night before the election that if Hillary was elected that pantsuits would be mandatory, and I realized I had no problem with that at all. Here I am, back at it again with a pant suit, but this time I changed it up a little. For the Brown Women In Media Brunch I was honored at 2 weekends ago I wanted to stand out and I knew this burgundy suit and faux fur stole would do the trick. 

This year I think I found a major love for pant suits and I think they are going to eventually become my staple look. I feel classy and chic, and I love that I can truly make them my own. This burgundy pantsuit is my favorite one right now, and I added the fur stole to give it the true Asia Milia look. Faux fur is consistent throughout my fall fashion, I accessorize with it and automatically feel confident walking in the room. I usually don't like bootcut pants, but the fit of these are perfect. 

I originally planned to wear this with my black pumps, but I just so happened to leave them in Virginia when I was packing to go to New York so my beige pumps had to work. I snagged my best friend's beige Pour La Victoria bag and put the look together. I actually think I like how the beige looks better, especially with the necklace. 

Also, I dedicate this post to Hillary Clinton, everyone has their own opinions about her, but my girl slayed pantsuits all during the race for the White House. To any women or minorities feeling discouraged by our newly elected president, just use that as motivation to go harder. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, "We gon' be alright!" 

Stay tuned to more pantsuits with my Asia Milia twist, who says a suit has to be boring?!

Outfit Details    - Pants , JCP   - Blazer , JCP   -Faux Fur Stole, BooHoo ( Similar )   -Blouse, Banana Republic ( Similar )  - Pumps , Steve Madden   -Bag, Pour La Victoire ( Similar )  - Necklace  ,  H&M    

Outfit Details

-Pants, JCP

-Blazer, JCP 

-Faux Fur Stole, BooHoo (Similar

-Blouse, Banana Republic (Similar)

-Pumps, Steve Madden

-Bag, Pour La Victoire (Similar)