Slaying For A Cause: Breast Cancer Edition

Today I wanted to do something a little different; I wanted to slay for a cause. After seeing the annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk at home in New York City this weekend all over social media I was inspired to bring awareness to breast cancer. According to, 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer. This type of cancer is the leading type for women with the exclusion of lung cancer. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in addition to attending walks, donating, I wanted to wear pink in honor of the courageous women (and men) who fight this battle daily, who've overcome it, and those who have died from breast cancer.

 We may wear pink and wear ribbons, but do you know ways to avoid breast cancer and how to self-exam your breast? Today, I'm sharing some of those tips with you!

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Staying active and eating healthy foods is the key to avoiding a lot of sicknesses. For those who may be at high-risk to develop breast cancer it is essential to maintain a healthy weight and stay active. Small lifestyle changes to your body can positively impact you when trying to avoid developing breast cancer.

Limit Alcohol

I know. Who wants to limit alcohol, right? Truth is, although alcohol is nice during a girls night or a cool day party it isn't good for the body at all. According to, the most alcohol you drink the greater your risks are for developing breast cancer. It sounds scary, but sometimes the truth hurts!

Avoid exposure to radiation

Do you ever go for a run and stick your phone in your bra? I know I do! Well, that's actually one of the worst things you could do. While there is more research to be conducted, studies have suggested a direct link between radiation exposure and breast cancer. 

Self-Exam your Breasts

So, what now? Ladies and gents, self-exam your breast daily in the shower. Feel for any lumps or unfamiliar distortions and be sure to consult a doctor. Also, encourage the women in your life who are 40 and older to get their annual mammograms, especially if breast cancer runs in the family. 

Not just this month, but every month let's bring awareness to breast cancer and other deadly diseases. I wear pink for all the courageous and strong women who have been directly affected by breast cancer.

This look is a basic look because I wanted to focus on the awareness of breast cancer and not so much my outfit. My pastel pink leather jacket was my statement piece to bring out my tank top and ripped jeans. 

If you want to donate to Susan G. Komen for the cure you can do so here

Outfit Details   - Faux Leather Jacket , Zara   - Tank Top , H&M  -Ripped Jeans, New York & Company ( Similar )  - Pumps , Steve Madden   - Choker , Forever 21                                                                                              Photos Courtesy of Nigil C. Photography

Outfit Details

-Faux Leather Jacket, Zara 

-Tank Top, H&M

-Ripped Jeans, New York & Company (Similar)

-Pumps, Steve Madden 

-Choker, Forever 21

                                                                                           Photos Courtesy of Nigil C. Photography