My Favorite Print: Snakeskin Galore + What It Represents

Happy Monday! 

My life has been a complete roller coaster lately, more ups than downs, but still a major roller coaster. My 1 year anniversary of the blog was 10 days ago, October 6 and I didn't get to celebrate how I wanted to because I was too busy complaining and getting caught up in a perfect image. Needless to say, we're 16 days into October and everything is starting to make sense. I'm being challenged more (more on that later in the week), I'm complaining less, and I am being a lot more grateful of the blessings in my life. 


Being that all of these positive changes are reflecting on my life I wanted to do something a little different with this style post. Today, I'm connecting my style, particularly this outfit, to my current situation. Snakeskin has always been one of my favorite prints along with camo, but thinking beyond clothes when I think of snakes and their scales I think of me. Snakes are sneaky, yes, but no that's not me. I identify more with their skin– it's rough and camouflages easy. But, one unique thing about snakeskin is that it can remove it's skin to allow further growth. Shed, shed, shed! 


Aha! That's me, right now. Figuratively, of course. I am at a point in my life where I am growing into a purpose so big that sometimes my mind can not conceive what's next, but as I am growing I am shedding. I'm shedding negativity away from my thoughts, I'm shedding doubt, and I'm shedding whoever doesn't fit in with my purpose. Oh, I'm shedding weight, too! I'll do a fitness post in the weeks to come. 


The shedding process isn't easy either, but the more I shed the more I grow, similar to a snake. I hope you guys get my analogy. My advice to you on this Monday is to SHED, there are under 80 days left in 2017, don't go into 2018 with that same dead skin that you're using to camouflage into your fake happiness. Stay tuned for more posts this week! 


Asia Milia 

Your favorite Girl Boss 

I'm wearing a H&M jacket (Sold Out) – here's a matching skirt

A Zara skirt

Steve Madden shoes (Sold Out)–Similar