The Final 60: How October Prepared Me To Enter A Season of Wins

Girl bosses! Are you ready?! We are in the final stretch- 60 days left of 2017. It's crunch time! After being challenged in October I am on a high and ready to take on November and December to conquer all of my goals before 2018. Remember I said I had a story for you all about some challenges? Well, here it is! 


When the month first started I was feeling very unchallenged, and I instantly had a challenge fall in my lap. I intern at InStyle for the Editor-In-Chief, Laura Brown and in the beginning of the month her assistant was going out of town and Laura was also supposed to be out. However, plans changed and she was now going to be in the office. God works in mysterious ways because the exact same day I was feeling unchallenged I came into work to find out that I would have to fill in for her assistant for a few days.


There were so many emotions that ran through my head— I was excited, yet nervous. I observe her everyday and I am her shadow, but it was something about being by myself with Laura that shook me up. Well, I did it and while it was extremely challenging it went amazing! I got so many compliments on how great of a job I did, including compliments from Laura. This experience truly taught me that if you ask for something it will come, it will come fast and you better be ready. I’ve been feeling better about a lot since I had to do that— I don’t know if it was because I really saw my work ethic from being challenged or what, but it really proved to me that being challenged pushes growth.

Therefore, entering the last 2 months of the year with this energy has me excited and eager. I am keeping the energy up because it will carry into the new year, read more about that here! I hope my story can remind you that if you are ever feeling unchallenged, or like you need to be pushed be ready for that push and don't look back because you aren't going there. We're moving onward, entering a season of wins that will be rewarding and fruitful. Don't take these last 60 days for granted!

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