The Second Half of 2018: Locking In and Not Allowing Yourself to Leave This Year the Same Way You Entered

Happy June!! 

I haven't updated my site with a piece in months, and trust me I'm not happy about it. But, today I'm back and we're talking all about applying pressure on ourselves and our goals to end the second half of this year strong. In other words we should all be, "..on go like we don't see no stoplights.." as Cardi B would say. 



We have just entered June, the second half of the year believe it or not. This year is flying right? Personally this year has been very transformative for me, mostly in my career, hence why I've been missing on my blog. But, this isn't about me! I want it to be about you. How can you push yourself to make the next 6 months greater than great? 

I’m on go like I don’t see no stop lights
— Cardi B

Start here. Remember those goals you wrote down and said you would accomplish when January 1st hit? Pick that list back up. And if you didn't write a list, pick up a pen and get to writing. Statistics show that people who right down their SMART goals (I'll write a separate post on these types of goals) have an 80% higher success rate of achieving them. We all want to be successful while walking in our purpose right? 

Go back to what you so eagerly wanted to focus on when January 1st hit. If you've lost sight of that goal now is the time to refocus. You've got 6 brand new months until 2019. Measure your goals and evaluate how you will make it happen. 

For me the second half of the year always kicks a different type of hustle in me. This year it almost seems as if it's an epiphany. I'm questioning what I got done, what I need to get done, etc. Yes, summer is a time to turn up, travel, have fun, and life your best life –trust me I'll be doing all the above. But, it's also a time to lock in so we're not crashing everything in the last 2 months of the year and looking back wondering what was done. 

Goals don't care about seasons. The work has to be put in.

In other news, I will be posting my looks again. Summer style is in full swing. Yesterday I spent the day in the city celebrating success and enjoying my last few days off wearing an Lavish Alice blazer romper from ASOS. Love it?! Get one here and show me how you rock yours! It has the classiness of a blazer and the comfortability of shorts and a one-piece so it was perfect for me. I'll be back this week with a recap of Costa Rica! 


Asia Milia