The Track Pant Trend

There are definitely some trends that appeal to me more than others. This Spring/Summer season those trends are re-worked shirts and wide leg track pants. I have yet to do a post with a re-worked shirt, that'll come before summer's out. Today, I want to talk about the track pant trend. When I first heard about it I automatically thought about the black and white Adidas pants that I saw almost everyday in high school. But, as I saw the trend grow I realized it was going beyond the athleisure look. Funny enough, I never used to wear pants when I was younger. If it wasn't a skirt or a dress I wasn't wearing it. Recently, pants have been my go-toβ€” track pants specifically. 

I think the trend is cute. There are a lot of different colors on the market, and there are a lot of different ways to wear it. I decided to style mine with a mesh feathered top which gave the look enough detail without adding a blazer or jacket like I usually do. I got these pants a little over a year ago in H&M, when I found them I got them in 3 different colors. Navy + Red, White + Navy and White + Black stripes. I also have a similar black and red pair from Zara. 

Accessorizing minimally, but correctly was my focus with this look. Since the shirt is an accessory itself, I just added some shades (my staple). This cute little bag is from Marshall's, I got it for $15 around the holiday season. Here's a similar Tory Burch one.  It matched the pants perfectly so I had to wear it with this look. My white pumps are my most uncomfortable pair of heels in my closet, but we make it work. They are a few years old from Aldo. 

Shop The Trend

Black - Forever 21 

Pale Pink - ASOS

White - Neiman Marcus

Blue - BooHoo

Red - A'Gaci 

Incorporate a track pant/ wide leg pant look into one of your summer looks for brunch, a day party, or even work when styled right!