Unlocking the Level Up: Take the Leap and Keep the Faith

Today I have an image so clear in my head. It’s from my 2014 Mexico Spring Break trip, I was at an excursion park hundreds of feet in the air looking down into the jungle scared to zip line across to the other side. I stood there in fear and watched my friends go, I watched other vacationers go, and the workers started to get a little frustrated with me. I kept saying to myself, “Just jump, you’re going to be fine.” Every time I neared the edge I grew more and more fearful and I looked over at my guides name tag and his name was Jesus. I swore up and down that was a sign that God was with me and I would be just fine. I closed my eyes and I just did it, with my adrenaline bursting in flames.


Today I feel that same weird feeling I felt on that cliff again. I’m days away from taking a huge jump and I can’t help but reminisce on the alarming, yet exhilarating emotions that took over me. Of course a literal zip line jump and taking leaps in life are different, but they do correlate. That adrenaline feeling of joy that followed that jump was exciting, but I only got there because I put my fear aside.


Having a lot of faith is playing a big part in this new journey for me, I’m trusting in God that my next level is beyond what my mind can conceive. After much back and forth I know that when I place my faith over my fears that new level will be revealed. Level up UNLOCKED, because there is another level with your name on it.


In life whether it be a relationship, a job, or just a life experience sometimes we have to let go to experience the joy we deserve. The feeling before the jump is full of weird and uncomfortable emotions, but how will you ever reach your full potential or get what you deserve if you stick to what’s comfortable?


See that joy on her face? (Kind of!) I would’ve never known it if I didn’t jump. Sometimes if we don’t leap we stay stuck which leaves no room for growth, and THAT is something I absolutely cannot do. So as scary as it may feel, it’s time for me to jump and I promise to bring you guys along for the ride.

In the photos I am wearing an old biker jacket from H&M (Similar), Get Choosy shorts, Miu Miu shades, Steve Madden sandals, and a Fendi bag.