Why Work Ethic Conquers All And How Beyoncé's Can Be An Inspiration To Us All

Happy Monday! This topic has been sitting heavy on my heart and frequently coming up in my daily conversations, so when Beyoncé dropped 'Everything Is Love' with Jay this weekend I decided to just share my thoughts about it. What is it? Work Ethic. We hear about having a strong work ethic all the time, but let me tell you why it's important. 

Someone will always be more talented and/or have more skills than you, but if you have a strong work ethic and outwork everyone around you, THAT wins! Skills can be taught, work ethic is self-determined.


Why did Beyoncé encourage me to share this? Saturday afternoon as I danced and had the time of my life (for once) at a Brooklyn day party, I scrolled Instagram and saw that Beyoncé and Jay Z dropped a "surprise" album. I say "surprise" because we all honestly knew it was coming, right? 

Beyoncé continues to have a work ethic that is unmatched. She tours the world and thoroughly entertains, puts out music, is an active philanthropist, and is a mom to 3 at the same time. Sure, lots of women have a lot of responsibilities, but her ability to thrive and stay hungry for higher success 20 years+ in the game ignites a fire in me like I've never felt before. 

work eth·ic
wərk ˈeTHik/
the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.

We should all strive to have a work ethic that is so unmatched in our respective industries that we are constantly working to beat our last move, our last project, our last anything. It's easy to be discouraged while working towards the goal and I get that, but with a solid work ethic you can work through the discouragement. Show up. Be consistent. Do the work. Stay determined. No one will ever take that from you and it will get you very far. 


We always tell ourselves, "You have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé," but the truth is if you aren't willing to give your passion your all, those hours mean nothing. For whoever needs that extra push or boost this week, know that staying focused on your goals and consistently pouring your all into your work, having a positive attitude, and working towards the next step will always keep you 10 steps ahead. 

I hope you have an amazing week! Yesterday to brunch I wore this puff shoulder top from The Kemist Store, BooHoo shorts, and Jeffrey Campbell sandals. I'm obsessed with this top and if it weren't heating up quickly in New York I'd be wearing it once a week, but I'll just let it sit in the closet until it becomes my fall staple once October rolls around. 


Asia Milia