Yeezy Taught Me?

I don't share my music preferences too much, but did you know Kanye was one of my favorite rappers? Not because of his music, but I love his personality. Kanye loves himself and I'm all for it, he's lit and he knows it. I live by the quote, "Humble, with a hint of Kanye," because I think everyone should have that balance. 

Anyways, besides his sometimes arrogant personality and his music Kanye is a trend setter, and he turned his wife, Kim Kardashian into one too. I'm obsessed with Kim, too -- that's another story. I always seem to like the people that everyone doesn't like, but I like to think I see the good in people and not what's put out about them. Kanye's clothing line has influenced fashion in numerous ways, from over-the-knee boots, to nudes, to distressed clothing. I don't know what it was, but when I put these boots on I automatically felt Yeezy-inspired. The color hues of this outfit made me feel Kim, not to mention the tight fit of this ribbed dress on my curves.

I put a "?" in my title because I don't think I would say Yeezy taught me, he just inspired me. I teach myself, but inspiration is necessary sometimes in fashion. Inspiration is different than copying although there may seem like a thin line between the two. Whether it is fashion, your personal brand, or anything else always remember that it is okay to be inspired and seek inspiration, but be original. So, no Yeezy didn't teach me, but it was cool to change it up for once and put on a Yeezy inspired outfit. I may have to do a few more inspired looks before Fall ends.  

Outfit Details    -   Duster , BooHoo  -Ribbed Turtleneck Dress, H&M ( Similar )  - Boots , Ego Official

Outfit Details

Duster, BooHoo

-Ribbed Turtleneck Dress, H&M (Similar)

-Boots, Ego Official

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