The Win Behind the L You're Afraid to Take

Happy hump day! Mentally I didn't have the best week last week and unfortunately that energy led into this week, which I can blame no one but myself for. But, I'm not here to spread negative energy, I'm here to pull something out of it. 


I saw a post surfacing Instagram a few months ago that is resonating with me now more than ever. It read, "Your big win might be tucked behind that L you're too scared to take." A word! As the new year approaches I'm sure many of you like myself have big goals you want to accomplish and although you may be preparing for it, are you ready for it? 


I'll break it down some more. We may think we're ready for that big win and think that the obstacles that may come our way to get to that win will be easy. They won't. You may have to face an L and take a loss that you've been holding onto in order to receive that blessing. We often prepare ourselves so much for something big and push what will REALLY prepare us to the back burner. Whether that loss is letting go of something, someone or any situation that you're attached to. 


It might be a scary feeling, but success isn't born from fear. Take the L, and wait for that win. It's a harsh reality, one that I'm facing head on everyday because in the bottom of my heart I think I know what that L is for me. So, today dig deep and think on what it may be for you. Identify it, release it, and become the person that's ready for your big win. It may feel wrong now, but all the right's will fall into place. 


Asia Milia 


In these photos I am wearing a Forever 21 cropped turtle neck (sold out) and fur stole along with H&M faux leather pants (in love with them)

Photos by Jennelle Gordon